Novatec is a manufacturing company that produces hubs, road and off-road wheels for bicycles. It designs strong, durable, and flexible products. The site offers easy and accessible services. Along with a wide range of different wheels, it gives a two-year-long warranty and easy return services. The company has offices in North America, Asia, and Europe, with worldwide distributors.

Top Novatec Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Novatec Includes Araya, Alexrims, Spinergy, Phil Wood & Co., Fulcrum, Sapim, Wheel Master, NuVinci, Tange, HED among many others.



Popular Brand

Japan’s technological advancements are higher than any other country. Carrying this legacy forward is the Araya which is the oldest...



Popular Brand

Alexrims is a cycling-obsessed engineering firm. It creates cycling-specific goods that are lightweight and durable, resulting in high performance and...



Popular Brand

Spinergy makes tough and durable wheels for bicycles and wheelchairs to provide users with adequate support and grip while riding....


Phil Wood & Co.

Best Brand

Are you searching for the best quality components for your favorite cycle? Well, worry no more as your search ends...



Best Brand

Wheels, or tires if you say so, are an important component of any vehicle. Fulcrum Wheels is a famous brand...



Best Brand

Sapim is the world's top maker of bicycle spokes and nipples and tricycles, unicycles, children's bikes, and strollers. The firm...


Wheel Master

Best Brand

The Wheelmasters is a group of people operating as a business that guarantees benefits covering both road damage and rust!...



Best Brand

NuVinci is an online brand that manufactures bikes, cycling parts, and accessories. Their specialization in making durable and reliable tools...



Tange enhances your life on wheels! Over the years, the Japanese company has been evolving bicycle technology and supplying other...



It’s been forty years since the brand name HED Cycling has served the best quality cycling products to its customers....


DT Swiss

Professional cyclists and ambitious amateurs benefit from DT Swiss's great quality goods. Wheels, hubs, spokes, rims, tires, and components that...



Rolf Prima is a Wheel Sets manufacturing company where one can find durable and quality wheels for their bicycles. The...



MICHE is a renowned Italian manufacturer of bicycle and motorcycle tires. They mix enthusiasm with innovation and tradition to provide...



Zipp is an automobile racing corporation specializing in producing parts for maintenance, upgrade, assembly, and aerodynamics. They have some fantastic...


Industry Nine

Deciding the place from where you want to buy bike components can be a pretty challenging task. You expect the...

Frequently Asked Questions

Among "Novatec", "Sapim" and "Zipp" Which one is the most popular "Cycling Equipment" company?

Zipp is the most searched amidst mentioned brands primarily due to its total brand visibility on the Internet. It is also included on around 10 similar brand categories here on

How is 'Novatec' more famous compared to identical companies like Alexrims, Wheel Master and Sapim?

Because 'Novatec' is the most inquisitive product manufacturer among search engines out of all four companies. On top of that, it is featured among close to 10 different categories such as Carbon Wheels, Bike Wheels and Bike Hubs here on our website.

What are various related brands like "Novatec"?

Some of the best equivalent brands to "Novatec" are "Araya, Alexrims, HED, NuVinci and Zipp in random order.

Are Fulcrum and NuVinci comparable to companies like "Novatec"?

Surely! Novatec is identical to Fulcrum and NuVinci. All are leading Carbon Wheels brands.

Is "Novatec" a reputed "Cycling Equipment" company?

Novatec is featured as the most famous Cycling Equipment brand on Brandlists. About 33K consumers search about the company online monthly.

Where is Novatec from? How big the brand is?

The Novatec is 台中市, 大雅區, Taiwan based brand launched in 1971. The 51 old Sports company has roughtly 500 to 1000 employees today working for them.