BIG, based in Murfreesboro, has been creating caps since 1996. They specialize in Big size headwear 2XL - 5XL. They are seen in sports and fashion and prevail in casual and informal contexts. They are primarily built for warmth and continually have a visor to keep sunlight out of the eyes. They come in various shapes and sizes. Baseball hats are among the most famous statues of caps. A cowboy and a leather cap represent their 90s status. They ship their caps worldwide, where winter headgear is the best-selling item.

Top BIG Alternatives and Similar Brands

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Def Leppard

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Evel Knievel


Breaking Bad

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Def Leppard and Breaking Bad comparable to companies like "BIG"?

Yes! BIG is an alternative to Def Leppard and Breaking Bad. These are leading Garfield Shirt brands.

What is the "BIG" brand also famous for?

BIG is popular for "Garfield Shirt, Big Dog Shirts, Women's Bucket Hat, Big Speaker and Fox Hat" brands.

For What Reason is 'BIG' very popular compared to other companies like OFFICIAL SPORTS, Evel Knievel and Affliction?

Because 'BIG' is the most inquisitive company on the web within all of the mentioned companies. Furthermore, it is included among close to 17 identical categories such as Garfield Shirt, Big Dog Shirts and Women's Bucket Hat here on our website.

What is the median price for buying "BIG" brand items?

"BIG" is categorized in "Garfield Shirt", which has median pricing of $20, with $10 to $39 price range. Likewise the brand is also featured in "Big Dog Shirts", the category has mean pricing of $16, with $6 to $39 price range.

Out of "BIG", "Breaking Bad" and "Liquid Blue" Which one is the most admired "T Shirts" company?

Breaking Bad is the most sought after among mentioned brands primarily due to its total brand visibility on the web. The brand is also listed on nearly 17 other brand topics here on

Why Is "BIG" a famous "T Shirts" brand?

BIG is listed as a top T Shirts company on our website. Roughtly 1M consumers find about them online per month.