Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue started as a company making tie-dye t-shirts for the Grateful Dead. Today, it has an experience of over three decades in the business. They prioritize the quality and artistry of their products over simple mass production. That says a lot about how much they care for each item and its perfection. Liquid Blue makes officially licensed t-shirts for many rock bands like Pink, Floyd, John Lennon, and Jimi Hendrix. They have many different palette styles but are still fueled by a hunger to discover more tastes and designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Liquid Blue" brand famous for?

Liquid Blue is popular for "Tie Dye Shirt, Jimi Hendrix T Shirt, Grateful Dead Hoodie, Beanie Babies and Pink Floyd Hoodie" brands.

What are various related brands like "Liquid Blue"?

Some of the best related brands to "Liquid Blue" are "MotorHead, Bruce Lee, Fidelity, Foo Fighters and Def Leppard in not any particular order.

What is the average cost for ordering "Liquid Blue" brand products?

"Liquid Blue" is included in "Tie Dye Shirt", that has median pricing of $20, with $8 to $31 price range. Likewise the brand is also listed in "Jimi Hendrix T Shirt", which has average costing of $23, with $11 to $35 price range.

Out of "Liquid Blue", "MotorHead" and "Greenday" Which one is the most popular "Men's Clothes" company?

Greenday is very established amidst mentioned companies mainly due to its higher brand visibility on the web. The brand is also published on around 10 different brand lists here on this website.

Where is Liquid Blue from? How strong the brand is?

The Liquid Blue is Derry, New Hampshire, United States based firm begun their journey in 1987. The 35 old Apparel & Fashion company having estimated 50 to 200 employees as of today working with them.

How is 'Liquid Blue' more reputed compared to identical companies like Ghost, Pink Floyd and Fifth Sun?

Probably because 'Liquid Blue' is the highly seached brand among search engines between all the mentioned companies. Furthermore, it is ranked among nearly 10 identical topics such as Tie Dye Shirt, Jimi Hendrix T Shirt and Grateful Dead Hoodie here on