Big Skinny

Most wallet users are understandably tired of thick wallets that barely fit into pockets, which is why Big Skinny is a blessing to everyone who needs thinner wallets. Lightweight, waterproof, and with extra-wide pockets, Big Skinny promises that the reduction in mass does not result in a compromise of quality. Bi-fold, tri-fold, travel-sized, whatever kind of wallet you need, you can find it on Big Skinny’s website. Do yourself a favor and indulge in the world’s thinnest wallet!

Top Big Skinny Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Big Skinny Includes Serman Brands, Buxton, Andar, WalletBe, Bosca, Storus, Marshal, Prime Hide, Golunski, LODIS among many others.


Serman Brands

Popular Brand

Serman Brands provides its consumers with high-quality wallets that have distinctive designs, colors, and needs for anybody who has a...



Popular Brand

Buxton is a town in Maine, USA, situated in York county. Well-connected and with roots running back to 1772, Buxton...



Popular Brand

Andar is a brand from the USA whose journey began in 2015 as a manufacturer and supplier of noteworthy leather...



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Wallets are one of the best gifts that suit almost every occasion. And Wallet Bee has all the options that...



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Bosca brings you the most amazing leather-bound bags, wallets, and gifts. Browse through various bags that define your style and...



Best Brand

Storus was established in 1996 with an innovation that took over the market. Its unique product offerings leave customers wanting...



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Marshal is a sleek and minimalist company that provides more excellent items at reasonable prices. They developed their brand on...


Prime Hide

Best Brand

At Primehide Leather, they exclusively deal with the greatest quality leather accessories, offering you access to exquisite items at competitive...



Golunski Leather Goods are created by hand with all raw materials utilizing traditional processes. Fittings, for example, were ethically obtained...



There is nothing better than self-confidence, and what gives you confidence? That's right, luxurious and premium accessories on your body....



Pelgio was born in 1995 as a manufacturer of leather products. They gradually started selling a wide range of exotic...



Aspinal of London is a high-end Britsh lifestyle products company that makes premium quality handcrafted items like handbags and leather...


Osgoode Marley

Want to look sharp yet chic with the perfect bag for your office or first date? Osgoode Marley will help...



Founded in 1988 by the Basu family after being inspired to create a line of products made with passion and...


Gianni Conti

With Gianni Conti, you will find luxurious bags and purses with sophisticated designs. To make their handbags, they use the...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some identical companies like "Big Skinny"?

Some major similar brands to "Big Skinny" are "Buffway, Andar, Prime Hide, Golunski and Osgoode Marley in not any particular order.

Is "Big Skinny" a popular "Wallets" brand?

Big Skinny is ranked as a well known Wallets company on this website. It is estimated that 1.9K buyers research about the brand on the web monthly.