DuraAce is a bike groupset from Shimano whose products are equipped in some leading bike brands to increase their performance. Their bike components make the riding experience much smoother and more thrilling. The brands' engineers create the effects using advanced technology and their skills to produce highly reliable products. The company's gears help make precise shift changes and are used and trusted by professional bikers.

Top Dura-Ace Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Dura-Ace Includes Sun Race, Modolo, SRAM, Shimano, OFMEGA, microSHIFT, Campagnolo, E*thirteen, Velo Orange, Problem Solvers among many others.


Sun Race

Popular Brand

Sunrace is a significant competitor in the bike industry worldwide and is also one of the world's leading bicycle manufacturers....



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Are you also looking for road handlebars or trekking handlebars? If yes, look nowhere else and check out the website...



Popular Brand

Sram is a bicycle parts manufacturing company selling products like brakes and shifters of high quality at reasonable prices. The...



Best Brand

Cycles are fun to ride and also good for health. But not every cycle feels good while riding and often...



Best Brand

OFMEGA is an Italian company that has been producing bicycle parts for the last fifty years and is now considered...



Best Brand

microSHIFT is here to make your rides more smooth and more adventurous with its gears and chain retention. The brand's...



Best Brand

Campagnolo generates significant components for racing, touring, and dirt bikes. Tullio established it in 1933 and has always been a...



Best Brand

E*thirteen products are intended to give budget-conscious riders the most remarkable quality performance and dependability. They concentrate on designing components...


Velo Orange

Velo Orange offers components and accessories for bicycles. The company is dedicated to serving customers with high-quality gear and equipment...


Problem Solvers

Problem Solvers is a bicycle brand that so many parts to ensure you have a great riding experience. They offer...



Ceramic Speed was a bicycle and industrial bearings manufacturing company in 1998. What sets them apart from other companies is...



A manufacturer of high-quality bike parts and wheelchairs for sportsmen, Gipiemme is an Italian house producer. With a large variety...



Weinmann has brought new designs based on market demand and pro riders' requirements that give customers a better ride. The...



Suntour is a Taiwanese bicycle component company founded in 1988. The corporation is based in Taichung City and has manufacturing...



For more than a century, Japanese company Sugino has focused on manufacturing first-rate bicycle parts. It’s a well-respected company and...

Frequently Asked Questions

How is 'Dura-Ace' very popular compared to identical companies like Modolo, E*thirteen and Stronglight?

Because 'Dura-Ace' is the most sought after brand on the web between all the mentioned brands. Further, it is listed among nearly 8 identical lists such as Shimano Crankset, Shimano Chain and Shimano Brake Lever here on Brandlists.com.

What is the mean price for buying "Dura-Ace" brand products?

"Dura-Ace" is categorized in "Shimano Crankset", which has average costing of $101, with $9 to $549 price range. Similarly the brand is also listed in "Shimano Chain", that has median costing of $28, with $9 to $68 price range.

What are different identical companies like "Dura-Ace"?

Some leading comparable brands to "Dura-Ace" are "SRAM, OFMEGA, Campagnolo, E*thirteen and Sugino in arbitrary order.

What is the "Dura-Ace" brand also popular for?

Dura-Ace is also reputed for "Shimano Crankset, Shimano Chain, Shimano Brake Lever, 9 Speed Cassette and Road Bike Shifters" companies.

Is "Dura-Ace" a well known "Shimano Crankset" brand?

Dura-Ace is listed as a well known Shimano Crankset company on this website. Around 12K shoppers research about them online monthly.

Among "Dura-Ace", "E*thirteen" and "Suntour" Which one is the well known "Shimano Crankset" company?

Suntour is the most searched within mentioned companies generally due to its highest consumer awareness online. It is also enlisted on close to 8 similar brand topics here on Brandlists.