Sram is a bicycle parts manufacturing company selling products like brakes and shifters of high quality at reasonable prices. The company is passionate about cycling, and its products can be found globally in select biking equipment retail stores. Their products are very innovative and are made after proper research. The brand's equipment improves the performance and the overall experience of cycling. They also allow easy cycling in hilly and mountainous areas

Top SRAM Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to SRAM Includes Sun Race, Campagnolo, TEKTRO, Stronglight, Avid, CeramicSpeed, Shimano, TRP, E*thirteen, Dura-Ace among many others.


Sun Race

Popular Brand

Sunrace is a significant competitor in the bike industry worldwide and is also one of the world's leading bicycle manufacturers....



Popular Brand

Campagnolo generates significant components for racing, touring, and dirt bikes. Tullio established it in 1933 and has always been a...



Popular Brand

Tektro has been into the bicycle business creating the best quality braking systems for the past 30 years. Because of...



Best Brand

Stronglight is one of the leading manufacturers of sporting goods. It provides various categories of products that works functionally well....



Best Brand

Avid Cycles is a family-run motorcycle parts and accessories shop that serves the upper desert. Avid Cycles, founded in 2010,...



Best Brand

Ceramic Speed was a bicycle and industrial bearings manufacturing company in 1998. What sets them apart from other companies is...



Best Brand

Cycles are fun to ride and also good for health. But not every cycle feels good while riding and often...



Best Brand

The most environmentally friendly vehicle that has always been in the limelight is the bicycle which only runs smoothly when...



E*thirteen products are intended to give budget-conscious riders the most remarkable quality performance and dependability. They concentrate on designing components...



DuraAce is a bike groupset from Shimano whose products are equipped in some leading bike brands to increase their performance....



Magura is a long-running company, which was established back in 1893. Riding is fun but it is important to have...



Rohloff prides itself as the most efficient and renowned brand in the touring cycle sector. Their high-performing bicycle transmissions and...



Blackspire is a hardware manufacturer for autos and everyday use. This product is a market leader in the tech equipment...


Velo Orange

Velo Orange offers components and accessories for bicycles. The company is dedicated to serving customers with high-quality gear and equipment...


Problem Solvers

Problem Solvers is a bicycle brand that so many parts to ensure you have a great riding experience. They offer...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some similar brands like "SRAM"?

Some leading comparable brands to "SRAM" are "Sun Race, Shimano, Rohloff, Blackspire and Velo Orange in not any particular order.

Between "SRAM", "Shimano" and "KMC" Which one is the well sought after "Bike Parts" brand?

Shimano is the most researched amidst mentioned companies generally due to its overall consumer awareness on the web. It is also enlisted on approximately 68 different brand categories here on our site.

What is the standard price for buying "SRAM" brand products?

"SRAM" is listed in "Bike Parts", which has median costing of $21, with $3 to $128 price range. Similarly the brand is also featured in "Sram Crankset", which has average costing of $235, with $45 to $690 price range.

Where is SRAM from? How strong the brand is?

The SRAM is Chicago, IL, United States based firm founded in 1987. The 35 old Sporting Goods firm having nearly 1000 to 5000 employees as of today working for them.

Are TRP and Problem Solvers alternative to companies like "SRAM"?

Obviously! SRAM is identical to TRP and Problem Solvers. They are leading Bike Parts brands.

Why is 'SRAM' more reputed compared to other companies like TRP, Blackspire and KMC?

Since 'SRAM' is the highly seached company on Google out of all of the mentioned brands. Morever, it is covered among close to 68 number of categories such as Bike Parts, Sram Crankset and Bottom Bracket here on