Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw is a fishhook manufacturer and the sole made in USA brand in this category. With more than ninety years of legacy, the company provides cost-effective and high-quality fishhooks. Helping the customers to catch their favorite fish while fishing, the fishhooks are inspired by the sharp claws of an eagle. The company also offers many fishing products like sturdy and unbreakable rods and reels to make catching fish foolproof. Eagle Claw is known for its attention to detail due to manufacturing products with utmost precision.

Top Eagle Claw Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Eagle Claw Includes Mustad, VMC, Shaddock Fishing, VARIVAS, Gamakatsu, Owner, Major Craft, Sakuma, Slider, Pure Fishing among many others.



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Shaddock Fishing

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Gamakatsu has been making fish products, primarily fish hooks, since the beginning of sport fishing. They make their hooks out...



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Considered popular among US-based freshwater and saltwater anglers, the Owner American Corporation has almost three decades of experience selling fishing...


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Fishing is a thrilling event. For some, it's a hobby, for others, it is their livelihood. Fishing is not possible...



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Pure Fishing is changing the face of the fishing industry with its hi-tech and unique products. The brand provides every...



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Partridge manufactures hooks for various companies, and they are the primary designer of the industry's most advanced hook designs. Their...



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The brand Tubertini produces great-end fishing gear and accessories for experienced and beginning anglers. Whether it's fishing for enjoyment or...


Mister Twister

Laid out in 1972 in Minden, LA, Mister Twister keeps driving the delicate plastic fishing bait business. The organization is...

Frequently Asked Questions

For What Reason is 'Eagle Claw' well known compared to identical companies like Mustad, VMC and Pure Fishing?

Since 'Eagle Claw' is the most sought after company among shoppers between all four brands. Morever, it is enlisted among close to 39 similar lists such as Terminal Tackle, Fishing Hooks and Catfish Hooks here on our database.

Where is Eagle Claw from? How strong the company is?

The Eagle Claw is Denver, Co, United States based company begun their journey in 1925. The 97 old Consumer Goods company having approx 200 to 500 staff today working with them.

What are different similar companies like "Eagle Claw"?

Some top similar brands to "Eagle Claw" are "Shaddock Fishing, VARIVAS, Sakuma, Duel and Mister Twister in random order.

Why Is "Eagle Claw" an admired "Terminal Tackle" company?

Eagle Claw is listed as the most famous Terminal Tackle brand on our website. Around 18K shoppers explore about them online within a month.

What is the "Eagle Claw" brand famous for?

Eagle Claw is also famous for "Terminal Tackle, Fishing Hooks, Catfish Hooks, Fly Fishing and Trout Hooks" companies.

Are Gamakatsu and Tubertini identical to brands like "Eagle Claw"?

Certainly! Eagle Claw is similar to Gamakatsu and Tubertini. The three are famous Terminal Tackle brands.