Eklind is a key manufacturing company established in 1923 in the USA. It is a complete solution for high-quality keys made with finesse. They offer various kinds of products, such as L-key, screwdriver sets, and much more, which are discoverable on their official website. All the products are warranted for defects, and the return policy is applied to any misused or damaged products to provide the best customer experience.

Top Eklind Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Eklind Includes Bondhus, CK Tools, BlueSpot, Kamasa, Facom, PB Swiss Tools, Dekton, FAMEX, Picquic, Stahlwille among many others.



Popular Brand

The Bondhus Corporation, based in Monticello, Minnesota- USA, started by producing the first "Balldriver®" ball end hex tool. Since then,...


CK Tools

Popular Brand

C.K is a tool manufacturer established in the United States that serves professionals in a variety of sectors. It has...



Popular Brand

An extensive assortment of hardware and tool goods are available from BlueSpot, a youthful, creative, and ambitious firm, to hardware...



Best Brand

Kamasa Tools is a prominent manufacturer of mechanical tools. The brand, a brainchild of ZJ Kamasa, came into existence in...



Best Brand

Facom has set the standard for the market over the last 100 years. Facom has accumulated a lot of experience,...


PB Swiss Tools

Best Brand

PB Swiss Tools provides high-quality products for many industries like aerospace, medical, automotive, and more. The company offers a lifetime...



Best Brand

Dekton, a hardware manufacturing firm, offers services and goods with new functionalities, innovations, and ultra-compact, high-performance items. It provides a...



Best Brand

Several industries and fields of work require an immense amount of workforce along with special tools and certain types of...



Picquic strives to create a product that outperforms high-quality single blade hand tools and screwdrivers while integrating the simplicity of...



Stahlwille is a significant torque tool manufacturer in Germany. They specialize in torque tool production and provide top-quality goods at...



Wiha is a privately held German firm developing and manufacturing precision instruments for professionals. Markus Wiha created the firm. His...



Felo is a Germany-based company that caters to over 40 countries globally. Their product range and market strategies differ country-to-country....



Wera Screwdrivers have been ergonomically designed for the hand, with a soft-grip, non-slip surface, and an appropriate grip angle. The...



NAREX manufactures handheld tools like screwdrivers and woodworking chisels. Over the past 90 years of being in the tool business,...



Teng provides a comprehensive selection of professional tools for organizations of all kinds. They create products in close collaboration with...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost for purchasing "Eklind" brand products?

"Eklind" is included in "Allen Wrench", which has average pricing of $15, with $1 to $48 price range. Similarly the brand is also categorized in "Allen Key", that has average costing of $17, with $1 to $56 price range.

What are few website related to eklindtool.com?

Few webpages identical to eklindtool.com for buying Allen Wrench products are intl.bondhus.com, abtoolsonline.com, facom.com, drapertools.com and www-de.wera.de

Where is Eklind from? How large the company is?

The Eklind is Franklin Park, Illinois, United States based brand established in 1923. The 99 old Consumer Goods company having nearly 50 to 200 employees as of today working with them.

Amid "Eklind", "Wera" and "Teng" Which one is the well known "Hand Tools" company?

Wera is the most sought after between mentioned companies generally due to its highest consumer awareness online. They are also featured on around 5 different brand lists here on Brandlists.com.

Are Bondhus and Wiha similar to brands like "Eklind"?

Obviously! Eklind is related to Bondhus and Wiha. These are popular Allen Wrench brands.

What are a few alternative companies like "Eklind"?

Some good equivalent brands to "Eklind" are "CK Tools, Facom, Wiha, Wera and Narex in random order.