Wiha is a privately held German firm developing and manufacturing precision instruments for professionals. Markus Wiha created the firm. His ambition was to develop the greatest screwdrivers in the world and make them available to people worldwide. It is used in over 100 nations by everyone from the general public to experts and artisans such as electricians, mechanics, carpenters, and other construction workers. They are well-known for their exceptional grade, accuracy, long life, and durability.

Top Wiha Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Wiha Includes Wera, Felo, Facom, Hazet, Stahlwille, CK Tools, Witte, Eklind, GEDORE, Bernstein among many others.



Popular Brand

Wera Screwdrivers have been ergonomically designed for the hand, with a soft-grip, non-slip surface, and an appropriate grip angle. The...



Popular Brand

Felo is a Germany-based company that caters to over 40 countries globally. Their product range and market strategies differ country-to-country....



Popular Brand

Facom has set the standard for the market over the last 100 years. Facom has accumulated a lot of experience,...



Best Brand

Hazet was established back in 1868. The company makes high-end tools. The company's tools and designed and manufactured at their...



Best Brand

Stahlwille is a significant torque tool manufacturer in Germany. They specialize in torque tool production and provide top-quality goods at...


CK Tools

Best Brand

C.K is a tool manufacturer established in the United States that serves professionals in a variety of sectors. It has...



Best Brand

Witte is a German company that creates and supplies the highest quality tools that are guaranteed to get the job...



Best Brand

Eklind is a key manufacturing company established in 1923 in the USA. It is a complete solution for high-quality keys...



GEDORE is the store you will want to go to if you are interested in buying special tools for yourself...



Special attention to quality while manufacturing electronic items is essential. Bernstein, a website that designs electronics and precision hand tools,...



NAREX manufactures handheld tools like screwdrivers and woodworking chisels. Over the past 90 years of being in the tool business,...



Intercable Tools have their origin at the beginning of the 70s. The company's founder, Herbert Mutschlechner, initially started with the...



Kamasa Tools is a prominent manufacturer of mechanical tools. The brand, a brainchild of ZJ Kamasa, came into existence in...



The Bondhus Corporation, based in Monticello, Minnesota- USA, started by producing the first "BalldriverĀ®" ball end hex tool. Since then,...



Bahco is a global brand in the hand tool sector, with goods created and manufactured in Sweden by SNA Europe....

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Wiha from? How large the brand is?

The Wiha is Monticello, Minnesota, United States based brand founded in 1985. The 37 old Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering company has about 50 to 200 employees today working for them.

Are Stahlwille and Intercable related to brands like "Wiha"?

Unquestionably! Wiha is comparable to Stahlwille and Intercable. All are leading Hand Tools brands.

Out of "Wiha", "CK Tools" and "Intercable" Which one is the well known "Hand Tools" brand?

Intercable is very well known amidst mentioned companies mainly due to its total search popularity online. The brand is also listed on close to 42 other brand lists here on this website.

What are some similar companies like "Wiha"?

Some good related brands to "Wiha" are "Wera, Stahlwille, CK Tools, Kamasa and Bondhus in not any particular order.

What is the mean cost for ordering "Wiha" brand items?

"Wiha" is listed in "Hand Tools", that has mean pricing of $36, with $6 to $141 price range. Similarly the brand is also published in "Screwdrivers", that has median pricing of $21, with $5 to $86 price range.

How is 'Wiha' very popular compared to identical brands like Wera, Witte and Bernstein?

Because 'Wiha' is the highly sought after product manufacturer on the web out of all the mentioned companies. Besides, it is listed among close to 42 different topics such as Hand Tools, Screwdrivers and Torx Screwdriver here on Brandlists.com.