FABAS LUCE was founded around 40 years ago. This is an Italian company that deals with lighting. They have a massive passion for what they do. Many factors have contributed to its growth, but its dedication to its craft is the most crucial factor. The company has a group of researchers and designers that come up with the most modern and sleek designs for lighting. FABAS LUCE is well-known for making decorative as well as technical products.

Top FABAS LUCE Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to FABAS LUCE Includes WOFI Leuchten, Lampenwelt, Linea Light, Helestra, Paul Neuhaus, Kanlux, LEUCOS, Sorpetaler, LEDVANCE, Massive among many others.


WOFI Leuchten

Popular Brand

For almost 20 years, WOFI Lighting UK has specialized in producing lamps and light fixtures. They have always maintained their...



Popular Brand

Illuminate your home with the best of lights with Lampenwelt. Home to the 50,000 lamps and lights, Lampenwelt is a...


Linea Light

Popular Brand

With everything around you becoming technologically advanced, it's time for light to do the same. Linea Light Group is the...



Best Brand

Lights guide us home, and with Helestra Lightings, the journey gets more manageable. Manufacturing lights since 1990, the company aces...


Paul Neuhaus

Best Brand

Paul Neuhaus has been a steadily expanding lighting company, offering a diverse choice of artistically different living room lights at...



Best Brand

Kanlux Smart is your home's unique, efficient, and intuitive self-implementation solution. It simplifies your daily life and boosts your comfort...



Best Brand

LEUCOS is a next-generation edgy lighting fixture designer. They design and create a variety of lamps and fixtures, including traditional...



Best Brand

Sorpetaler offers top-notch windows and doors with aesthetically pleasing designs and a low carbon footprint. Their design palette includes expertly...



LEDVANCE is a developer and manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting products. They have been in the business for above 25...





Steinhauer team uses cutting-edge technology to help you take your applications to the next level. We can cut precisely to...



Sompex is the most unique and sought-after furniture and accessory brand. It is unique because it uses traditional craftsmanship and...


Fischer & Honsel

A brand founded in the 1950s, Fischer & Honsel is a German lighting solutions house functioning mainly in Germany. Their...



Bankamp is a certified manufacturer of LED lighting systems from Germany founded by Karl Bankamp in 1947. It has an...



Lucide has sold decorative and fancy lights since 1992. The lighting sector got a different phase when Lucide landed up...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lampenwelt and Lucide related to brands like "FABAS LUCE"?

Surely! FABAS LUCE is similar to Lampenwelt and Lucide. All are popular Touch Lamp brands.

What are several website alternative to fabasluce.it?

Few of the websites identical to fabasluce.it to shop Touch Lamp products are trio-lighting.com, minisuntrade.co.uk, lightingever.com, argos.co.uk and aukey.com

Where is FABAS LUCE from? How big the brand is?

The FABAS LUCE is BRUGHERIO, Mb, Italy based brand incorporated in 1979. The 43 old Furniture brand having nearly 10 to 51 staff as of today working for them.

Why Is "FABAS LUCE" an admired "weiße Lampe" brand?

FABAS LUCE is listed as the most popular weiße Lampe brand on Brandlists.com. Close to 3.6K buyers search about them on search engines per month.

What are some identical brands like "FABAS LUCE"?

Some major related brands to "FABAS LUCE" are "Linea Light, Paul Neuhaus, Massive, Sorpetaler and Sompex in arbitrary order.

What is the median cost for purchasing "FABAS LUCE" brand items?

"FABAS LUCE" is listed in "Touch Lamp", that has average pricing of $46, with $18 to $139 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also featured in "Dimming Lamp", that has median pricing of $38, with $15 to $145 price range.