Sompex is the most unique and sought-after furniture and accessory brand. It is unique because it uses traditional craftsmanship and new processes, like laser cutting, to blend Scandinavian design with a bold, daring attitude. Sompex has a vast selection of goods and collections to suit all preferences, styles, and requirements. Modern living room lighting, furniture, accessories, and the current line are all available from us. They believe that space can be an inspiring place to live, work, and play at sompex. They are dedicated to developing modern, useful, top-quality, and economical home furnishings. Their goal is to provide a diverse selection of unique designs at reasonable costs.

Top Sompex Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Sompex Includes Sorpetaler, Paul Neuhaus, FABAS LUCE, Steinhauer, Lucide, WOFI Leuchten, Nordlux, Helestra, Massive, Fischer & Honsel among many others.



Popular Brand

Sorpetaler offers top-notch windows and doors with aesthetically pleasing designs and a low carbon footprint. Their design palette includes expertly...


Paul Neuhaus

Popular Brand

Paul Neuhaus has been a steadily expanding lighting company, offering a diverse choice of artistically different living room lights at...



Popular Brand

FABAS LUCE was founded around 40 years ago. This is an Italian company that deals with lighting. They have a...



Best Brand

Steinhauer team uses cutting-edge technology to help you take your applications to the next level. We can cut precisely to...



Best Brand

Lucide has sold decorative and fancy lights since 1992. The lighting sector got a different phase when Lucide landed up...


WOFI Leuchten

Best Brand

For almost 20 years, WOFI Lighting UK has specialized in producing lamps and light fixtures. They have always maintained their...



Best Brand

The foremost provider of lighting resolutions for the home, workplace, and hospitality sectors is Nordlux. Nordlux has transformed the way...



Best Brand

Lights guide us home, and with Helestra Lightings, the journey gets more manageable. Manufacturing lights since 1990, the company aces...




Fischer & Honsel

A brand founded in the 1950s, Fischer & Honsel is a German lighting solutions house functioning mainly in Germany. Their...



Glasses have some fascinating properties that enable them to be widely used in numerous industries. Therefore, it can also be...



Majority of the population dreams of having a beautiful house. The house’s beauty depends on the people and your unique...



Thinking out of the box, QAZQA is what you might call unique. Creating as per the desires and needs of...



Slamp is an Italian designer and supplier of premium, hand-crafted lamps. Founded in 1994, Slamp introduced a new technology called...



One cannot miss the charm and color splash displayed by outfits of Impressions. Every season's bright colors and moods are...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are various identical companies like "Sompex"?

Some good equivalent brands to "Sompex" are "Paul Neuhaus, WOFI Leuchten, Fischer & Honsel, Slamp and Impressionen in not any particular order.

What is the mean price for ordering "Sompex" brand items?

"Sompex" is listed in "Advent Candles", which has average costing of $22, with $6 to $119 price range. Similarly the brand is also categorized in "12V Transformer", which has median pricing of $37, with $6 to $149 price range.

Amid "Sompex", "FABAS LUCE" and "Steinhauer" Which one is the most recommended "Leuchten" company?

Steinhauer is the most researched between mentioned brands generally due to its overall web popularity on the Internet. It is also listed on approximately 5 different brand lists here on our site.

Are Fischer & Honsel and Rotaliana alternative to companies like "Sompex"?

Undeniably! Sompex is an alternative to Fischer & Honsel and Rotaliana. The three are popular Advent Candles brands.

For Which Reason is 'Sompex' well known compared to similar brands like Sorpetaler, Steinhauer and Slamp?

The Reason is 'Sompex' is the highly sought after product manufacturer among search engines within all four companies. Morever, it is added among approximately 5 number of topics such as Advent Candles, 12V Transformer and Living Room Lamps Standing here on our database.

What is the "Sompex" brand popular for?

Sompex is also reputed for "Advent Candles, 12V Transformer, Living Room Lamps Standing, Living Room Light Stand and Cordless Lamp" brands.