Galaxy Lighting is a leading Lighting company selling various lighting solutions like Wall lights and Pendants. Their products are available online and in showrooms across countries. They carry indoor and outdoor lighting that can be used at homes and in places like hotels and restaurants. The company's products are made to be more energy-efficient and environmentally safer. They also look premium and add style to any space.

Top Galaxy Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Galaxy Includes Radley, Lulu Guinness, Fiorelli, Cath Kidston, Jane Shilton, Tula, Aspinal, Louis Vuitton, Anna Grace, Miss Lulu among many others.



Popular Brand

Lulu Guinness

Popular Brand

Lulu Guinness is a British luxury brand of pure leather products. Its bestselling products include charismatic handbags, designer purses, crossbody...



Popular Brand

1. Perfect outfit, beautiful footwear, and yet something seems missing? Fiorelli is here to provide a variety of handbags to...


Cath Kidston

Best Brand

Cath Kidston is a British lifestyle company that creates fashionable items with a vintage, flowery, and feminine aesthetic. Their product...


Jane Shilton

Best Brand


Best Brand

The most elegant, sophisticated, and stylish bags are only curated by Radley London. Radley believes in completing the outfit and...



Best Brand

Aspinal of London is a high-end Britsh lifestyle products company that makes premium quality handcrafted items like handbags and leather...


Louis Vuitton

Best Brand

As one of the most luxurious international brands, Louis Vuitton is a highly profitable brand specializing in leather goods, jewelry,...


Anna Grace

Anna Grace specializes in creating lifestyle items that make a statement in everyone's life. The Leo convertible bag is their...


Miss Lulu

Miss Lulu is a brand of different types of bags for men and women. Bags which are of many colors...



LYDC provides different types of voguish bags to people all across the world. They make carrying your stuff fun with...


Paul Costelloe

Paul Costelloe is an apparel brand that creates handcrafted, premium fabric apparel for the clothing industry. This brand is a...



From huge industrial buildings to small medical clinics, Osprey Corporation provides many solutions. They have the correct answer for you,...



Signare Tapestry was founded in 2010 and is proud to call itself one of the largest manufacturers of tapestry bags...


Smith & Canova

At Smith & Canova, you'll discover enough bags to compliment every outfit you'll ever wear. They produce high-quality leather bags,...

Frequently Asked Questions

Out of "Galaxy", "Radley" and "LYDC" Which one is the most famous "Women's Handbags" brand?

Galaxy is very well known amidst mentioned companies generally due to its total brand visibility on the Internet. The company is also featured on close to 76 similar brand categories here on our database.

Which are few sites related to

Some of the sites identical to to shop Women's Handbags products are,,, and

For Which Reason is 'Galaxy' more reputed compared to other companies like Fiorelli, Paul Costelloe and Signare?

Probably because 'Galaxy' is the most seached product manufacturer among search engines within all four brands. Over and above that, it is ranked among more than 76 number of lists such as Women's Handbags, Box Of Chocolates and Lady Handbags here on

Is "Galaxy" a popular "Women's Handbags" brand?

Galaxy is ranked as a renowend Women's Handbags brand on Brandlists. Close to 2.2M consumers explore about the company on Google every month.

What are some related brands like "Galaxy"?

Some top related brands to "Galaxy" are "Lulu Guinness, Cath Kidston, Jane Shilton, Kipling and Signare in arbitrary order.

What is the average price for ordering "Galaxy" brand items?

"Galaxy" is listed in "Women's Handbags", that has mean pricing of $60, with $23 to $207 price range. Likewise the brand is also featured in "Box Of Chocolates", which has average costing of $5, with $3 to $75 price range.