Signare Tapestry was founded in 2010 and is proud to call itself one of the largest manufacturers of tapestry bags and accessories across the UK. The brand aims to bridge culture with contemporary fashion so that each of its customers finds a unique product in design. They have a wide range of products, including homeware like cushions and curtains, accessories such as purses and umbrellas, bags like vanity bags and luggage bags, etc.

Top Signare Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Signare Includes Claudia Canova, Bessie, Tignanello, Radley, Marino Orlandi, Colette, The Sak, baggallini, Fiorelli, LOQI among many others.


Claudia Canova

Popular Brand

Bags, bags, and more bags! With its exquisite and striking purses, the Claudia Canova brand gives you the chance to...



Popular Brand

Urban looks to suit your modern personality. Bessie London is your stop if you crave the most stylish yet elegant...



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In this world of social media marketing, it is important to keep oneself updated. The real-life version of a company's...



Best Brand

Marino Orlandi

Best Brand

From the land of pizza comes a brand that treats your eyes with exquisite hand-made bags. Marino Orlandi bags are...



Best Brand

Nothing is better than keeping up with all the fashion trends and styles! People at Colette have you covered in...


The Sak

Best Brand

The Sak brings to you the finely crafted crochet and leather bags and accessories. Their products are consciously crafted with...



Best Brand

Bags are not just a way to carry items anymore. They convey your style and complement your clothing in a...



1. Perfect outfit, beautiful footwear, and yet something seems missing? Fiorelli is here to provide a variety of handbags to...



LOQI is a brand that creates aesthetic products by collaborating with world-renowned artists from around the world. This brand strives...


Earth Squared



Coofit is known for producing leather bags of premium quality. No matter the occasion, be it a simple stroll in...



Brahmin is a company that moves forward with a passion for making everyone feel confident. Their luxury products are made...


Miss Lulu

Miss Lulu is a brand of different types of bags for men and women. Bags which are of many colors...



LYDC provides different types of voguish bags to people all across the world. They make carrying your stuff fun with...

Frequently Asked Questions

Between "Signare", "Colette" and "The Sak" Which one is the well sought after "Shoulder Bags" company?

Colette is very popular amidst mentioned companies primarily due to its overall search popularity online. The company is also included on around 8 other brand lists here on our site.

Are Claudia Canova and baggallini similar to brands like "Signare"?

Surely! Signare is comparable to Claudia Canova and baggallini. They are known Designer Bags brands.

What are various identical brands like "Signare"?

Some major equivalent brands to "Signare" are "Tignanello, Colette, baggallini, Myra and Brahmin in random order.

For What Reason is 'Signare' more reputed compared to identical brands like Tignanello, Colette and Brahmin?

The Reason is 'Signare' is the highly seached product manufacturer on the Internet within all of the mentioned companies. Further, it is added among close to 8 related topics such as Designer Bags, Women's Sling Bags and Designer Purses here on our website.

What is the mean cost for purchasing "Signare" brand items?

"Signare" is categorized in "Designer Bags", that has average pricing of $76, with $10 to $210 price range. Similarly the brand is also categorized in "Women's Sling Bags", the category has average pricing of $30, with $12 to $75 price range.

Why Is "Signare" a famous "Shoulder Bags" company?

Signare is ranked as the most famous Shoulder Bags company on Brandlists. Close to 1.9K consumers search about the brand on the web per month.