Kollmorgen brings the most innovative solutions to engineering motion and automation devices and platforms to fit a variety of machinery and robots to deliver optimum performance and a supreme experience. Created and developed by engineers keeping the latest developments in motion engineering and the needs of the modern world in mind, their products are reliable and guarantee maximum user satisfaction. The highest standards of quality control are maintained to ensure the efficiency of each product.

Top Kollmorgen Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Kollmorgen Includes Baldor, Yaskawa, Bodine, THK, Warner Electric, FANUC, Flowserve, Oriental Motor, Rexroth, SANYO DENKI among many others.



Popular Brand

With the support of ABB, the new and improved Baldor-Reliance product brings you the world’s finest motor with quality and...



Popular Brand

Yaskawa Electric has been in the business for over a century. The company specializes in manufacturing industrial robots, motion controllers,...



Popular Brand

Bodine is a brand of electrical products. They provide various home electrical products to their customers. Customers can also directly...



Best Brand

THK is a Japanese brand established in 1971 in Japan and now has most manufacturing units in America. It was...


Warner Electric

Best Brand

Warner Electric is one of the global leaders in developing electromagnetic clutch and brakes solutions. The company is known for...



Best Brand

FANUC is one of the oldest and most consistent players in the field of robotics and partners with DNC electronics...



Best Brand

FlowServe is the world's giant pump and valve manufacturer and provides services for fluid motion control solutions for the world's...


Oriental Motor

Best Brand

Oriental Motor is a company based in Japan that manufactures motor parts and has a unique set of products of,...



In the 1950s, Bosch Rexroth entered the hydraulics sector as the leading machine control technologies provider. Its legacy involved constant...



SANYO DENKI is a brand that deals in power supply equipment like power conditioners for PV inverters, UPSs, inverters, and...



Sumimoto is a company that excels at making tires. The company started a long time ago, and they are still...



Leeson Direct Drives & Controls is a company that serves products and solutions related to automation and industrial equipment and...


Marathon Electric

Marahon Electric manufactures and retails motors and drives. the brand makes AC, DC and adjustable speed drives in further types...



WEG is a Brazilian company operating worldwide in electrical engineering, power, and automation technology, providing solutions for electric motors, variable...


Harmonic Drive

Harmonic Drive is renowned worldwide for its motion control gears based on advanced mechanisms. The company is known to work...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mean price for purchasing "Kollmorgen" brand items?

"Kollmorgen" is listed in "Servo Motor", which has average costing of $23, with $7 to $139 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also listed in "Industrial Motors", that has average pricing of $113, with $8 to $589 price range.

Which are several website comparable to kollmorgen.com?

Few websites related to kollmorgen.com for buying Servo Motor products are mitsubishielectric.com, yaskawa.com, industrial.panasonic.com, new.siemens.com and ia.omron.com

Are SANYO DENKI and Sumitomo identical to brands like "Kollmorgen"?

Undeniably! Kollmorgen is related to SANYO DENKI and Sumitomo. All are leading Servo Motor brands.

What are different similar companies like "Kollmorgen"?

Some leading comparable brands to "Kollmorgen" are "Bodine, THK, Sumitomo, WEG and Harmonic Drive in random order.

Why Is "Kollmorgen" a famous "Servo Motor" brand?

Kollmorgen is ranked as a renowend Servo Motor company on Brandlists. Nearly 8.1K consumers research about the company on the web monthly.