KORE's objective is to elevate the bar for all riders through innovation, design, and quality. Over the past few years, they have put a lot of effort into realizing this ambition, creating a distinctive portfolio of honor-winning goods that will make your bike stand out from the rest. KORE values your support and has established itself as a mountain bike accessory industry pioneer. They have various impact protection products that keep you safe all year long on the trails in any weather.

Top KORE Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to KORE Includes Oval Concepts, SQlab, AZONIC, ITM, TiTEC, Ritchey, SPANK, Syncros, Syntace, Deda Elementi among many others.


Oval Concepts

Popular Brand


Popular Brand

SQlab is a must favorite for all bicycle lovers. They are one of the most significant manufacturers of bicycle gears...



Popular Brand

There exist some adventurous people who love to ride bikes wherever they go. Whether it’s a straight road or a...



Best Brand

Every bicycle needs constant repairing and modification, especially when you're a professional cyclist. ITM offers high-quality handlebars, stems, and seat...



Best Brand


Best Brand

For almost 45 years, Ritchey has been the world's premier provider of bicycle components. It produces componentry that is race-worthy...



Best Brand

Spank Industries is an exceptionally unique brand for designing, creating, and manufacturing its exclusive components with the in-house concept but...



Best Brand

Biking produces the thrill which adrenaline seekers love. Syncros improves the mountain and road biking experience by offering every component...



Syntace's products are known for their strength and lightweight, two features that are essential to the innovativeness of their products....


Deda Elementi

Deda Elementi is the largest manufacturer of motorcycle wheelsets and components globally. Deda Elementi specializes in producing items using cutting-edge...



Prologo has been revolutionary in the way one thinks of saddles today. The brand is driven by the latest innovation...



Suspension is a key component of the entire experience of biking that ties together all the different parts of the...



Funn is an exclusive brand manufacturing bike components to provide you with the best biking experience. Funn produces the components...



Zipp is an automobile racing corporation specializing in producing parts for maintenance, upgrade, assembly, and aerodynamics. They have some fantastic...



Explore the world with 3T bikes. They have the best accessories and tools to make your journey safe and enjoyable....

Frequently Asked Questions

Is "KORE" a famous "Bike Parts" company?

KORE is listed as the most famous Bike Parts company on Brandlists.com. It is estimated that 90K buyers find about them on the internet per month.

What is the "KORE" brand also known for?

KORE is also famous for "Bicycle Handlebars, Bike Handle, Bike Handle Grips, Bike Chainrings and Road Bike Stem" companies.

What is the median price for ordering "KORE" brand products?

"KORE" is listed in "Bicycle Handlebars", that has average costing of $17, with $4 to $94 price range. Similarly the brand is also categorized in "Bike Handle", the category has mean pricing of $18, with $4 to $149 price range.

What are several similar brands like "KORE"?

Some major equivalent brands to "KORE" are "SQlab, ITM, Prologo, SR and Zipp in arbitrary order.

Among "KORE", "AZONIC" and "3T" Which one is the most recommended "Bike Parts" company?

KORE is the most searched within mentioned brands mainly due to its total web popularity on the Internet. They are also enlisted on around 8 different brand topics here on our site.

Are Oval Concepts and Syntace alternative to brands like "KORE"?

Unquestionably! KORE is identical to Oval Concepts and Syntace. The three are famous Bicycle Handlebars brands.