Kretzer USA is a well-known shears manufacturer in the United States. Every year, the firm produces around 25000 scissors and distributes them to all main cities across the globe. It is one of the primary retail locations that supply the finest quality scissors suitable for all chopping tasks. It produces an incredible income of up to 6 million dollars each year, making it a massive hit in the commercial sector.

Top Kretzer Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Kretzer Includes Sharpy, YNR, Joewell, KASHO, NATRA, Tondeo, NGHIA, Green Bell, Yasaka, Niegeloh among many others.



Popular Brand

Sharpy can only maintain personal care and hygiene. Their products have been a great pick in England and other parts...



Popular Brand

YNR Instruments is a prominent producer and provider of energy monitoring systems, power supply, and power conditioning equipment for various...



Popular Brand

Tokosha has worked hard to ensure that the Joewell brand remains associated with supreme quality and skillfully crafted razors. The...



Best Brand

We use scissors, razors, and other such accessories on a regular basis. The company, known as Kasho, manufactures and supplies...



Best Brand

NATRA is a manufacturer and seller of surgical tools. They ensure that they have the standards to make their products...



Best Brand

Craftsmanship is the basis for special scissors, knives, and other TONDO products. Hairdressers oversee the manufacturing of new products. A...



Best Brand

For almost 25 years, NGHIA Nippers has been a major maker of nail tools. The firm is dedicated to providing...


Green Bell

Best Brand

Taking care of yourself is of prime importance. Green Bell provides personal grooming products that help you stay in your...



Yasaka, with modern technology and skill, makes scissors that embody innovation and are made under stringent quality and control systems....



Niegeloh is a German Manufacturer of steel tools that are used for manicures and pedicures. All their products are made...



Pfeilring from Germany has seldom compromised on its range of high quality and newly accentuated manicure and pedicure instruments and...


TK Plus

TK is a German website concerned with people's health, and hence their website work for the health fund and expert...



Kamisori is a traditional Japanese razor blade manufacturer. For a good blade, they mainly use steel with high carbon content....


Olivia Garden

Olivia Garden, established in 1967 by Jean & Micheline Rennette in Li├Ęge, Belgium, is a leading hair styling and hairdressing...



Washi Scissor Co. has been providing hairstylists with the most premium and efficient equipment and accessories for over three decades....

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some related brands like "Kretzer"?

Some top alternative brands to "Kretzer" are "Joewell, NATRA, Green Bell, Niegeloh and Olivia Garden in not any particular order.

Are Sharpy and TK Plus similar to brands like "Kretzer"?

Generally yes! Kretzer is an alternative to Sharpy and TK Plus. The three are popular Hair Scissors brands.

What is the average price for buying "Kretzer" brand products?

"Kretzer" is categorized in "Hair Scissors", which has average pricing of $31, with $2 to $499 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also listed in "Hair Shears", that has mean costing of $20, with $3 to $59 price range.

For What Reason is 'Kretzer' well known compared to other brands like Green Bell, Niegeloh and KAMISORI?

Mainly because 'Kretzer' is the most sought after product manufacturer on the web between all the mentioned brands. Also, it is enlisted among close to 4 number of topics such as Hair Scissors, Hair Shears and Thinning Shears here on

Amid "Kretzer", "Sharpy" and "Washi" Which one is the most admired "Hair Scissors" company?

Washi is the most sought after within mentioned brands generally due to its higher consumer awareness on the web. Washi also enlisted on approximately 4 other brand lists here on Brandlists.

Why Is "Kretzer" an admired "Hair Scissors" brand?

Kretzer is listed as a reputed Hair Scissors brand on our site. Around 2.4K buyers explore about the company on search engines per month.