Washi Scissor Co. has been providing hairstylists with the most premium and efficient equipment and accessories for over three decades. They offer tools for different purposes and activities like cutting shears, swivel shears, and many more, all created for the sole purpose of styling hair in the most effective way possible. Washi has built a reputation for being a very reliable and customer-friendly brand by consistently ensuring its clients are satisfied with their products and services.

Top Washi Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Washi Includes KAMISORI, Yasaka, Sharpy, FROMM, Joewell, Kretzer, Icon Shears, KASHO, Hattori Hanzo, YNR among many others.



Popular Brand

Kamisori is a traditional Japanese razor blade manufacturer. For a good blade, they mainly use steel with high carbon content....



Popular Brand

Yasaka, with modern technology and skill, makes scissors that embody innovation and are made under stringent quality and control systems....



Popular Brand

Sharpy can only maintain personal care and hygiene. Their products have been a great pick in England and other parts...



Best Brand

To update yourself with the latest form of style, you should choose FROMM as your partner to serve your purpose,...



Best Brand

Tokosha has worked hard to ensure that the Joewell brand remains associated with supreme quality and skillfully crafted razors. The...



Best Brand

Kretzer USA is a well-known shears manufacturer in the United States. Every year, the firm produces around 25000 scissors and...


Icon Shears

Best Brand

Icon Shears aims to provide quality instruments to their diverse clientele of stylists, barbers, artists, and students and wishes to...



Best Brand

We use scissors, razors, and other such accessories on a regular basis. The company, known as Kasho, manufactures and supplies...


Hattori Hanzo

The art of hairdressing is a priority at Hattori Hanzo. They have given hairdressers only the best hair-cutting shears and...



YNR Instruments is a prominent producer and provider of energy monitoring systems, power supply, and power conditioning equipment for various...



Creating its name in the world's most renowned hair salons and beauty parlors, Mizutani's high-quality and reliable scissors have a...



Placed first for overall excellence for college newspaper by the Society of Collegiate Journalists, The Equinox provides you with a...



Craftsmanship is the basis for special scissors, knives, and other TONDO products. Hairdressers oversee the manufacturing of new products. A...




Neverland Beauty

Neverland Beauty is an online company that sells greater cosmetics at reasonable costs. They provide a wide variety of quality...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Washi" brand popular for?

Washi is famous for "Hair Shears, Hair Scissors, Texturizing Shears, Thinning Shears and Japanese Scissors" brands.

What are several identical brands like "Washi"?

Some leading similar brands to "Washi" are "KAMISORI, FROMM, Mizutani, Equinox and Neverland Beauty in random order.

Out of "Washi", "Yasaka" and "Tondeo" Which one is the well sought after "Hair Shears" brand?

Washi is the most researched within mentioned companies generally due to its higher search popularity online. The company is also included on nearly 6 similar brand topics here on our database.

Why Is "Washi" a renowend "Hair Shears" company?

Washi is published as a top Hair Shears brand on our site. Estimated 18K consumers search about the company on Google per month.

How is 'Washi' more famous compared to similar companies like Kretzer, Hattori Hanzo and YNR?

Since 'Washi' is the highly seached company among shoppers out of all the mentioned companies. Besides, it is ranked among close to 6 different categories such as Hair Shears, Hair Scissors and Texturizing Shears here on Brandlists.

What is the standard cost for purchasing "Washi" brand items?

"Washi" is published in "Hair Shears", which has mean costing of $20, with $3 to $59 price range. Similarly the brand is also categorized in "Hair Scissors", which has average costing of $31, with $2 to $499 price range.