Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon is a well-known Swiss firm producing premium-quality home and culinary appliances since 1889. They have grown from their roots in culinary cutlery to cover a wide range of critical home items for every sort of cook and chef. Kuhn Rikon's items are meticulously developed and manufactured utilizing Swiss knowledge and innovation. More than 50 nations sell cookware, knives, gadgets, and utensils.

Top Kuhn Rikon Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Kuhn Rikon Includes Zyliss, ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS, Starfrit, Mauviel, Tramontina, Berndes, OXO, Laguiole, De Buyer, MAGEFESA among many others.



Popular Brand

A well-known company called Zyliss has been manufacturing kitchen appliances and technology to satisfy people worldwide. Zyliss takes pride in...



Popular Brand

According to ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS, cooking is an art form and a source of inspiration that can bring families together,...



Popular Brand

For the past 30 years, Starfrit has been a well-known company that offers creative kitchen items. Cookware, cutlery, small appliances,...



Best Brand

Mauviel has been producing high-quality copper cookware for professional and commercial markets since 1830. They provide cookware made of copper,...



Best Brand

The Tramontina brand is a market leader in home accessories. The items are manufactured with exceptional quality and technology and...



Best Brand

Berndes Gourmet Cookware is a line of elevated cooking equipment and cookware made in Germany. Cooking is fun with these...



Best Brand

Oxo makes everyday objects in use and activities simple with their designed precision products. Whether it is cooking, cleaning, organizing,...



Best Brand

Laguiole cutlery is a French silverware brand based on the historic Laguiole design. The trademark became well-known in 1829 when...


De Buyer

The French brand de Buyer sketches and manufactures utensils used in catering for both professional and home cooks with quality...



Magefesa is one of the leading manufacturers of kitchenware and household items popularly known for its pressure cookers. Established in...



Tojiro is a knife manufacturing company uniting tradition and innovation while curating knives of varied sorts. They are sharpened and...



With its sole purpose of providing solutions to compressed air atomization and humidifying needs of various industries, AMCO has been...



Hawkins Cookers Limited is one of the country's major pressure cooker producers. Hawkins has been a leader in the pressure...



A 200 years old brand, Sabatier is situated in the Town of Theirs in the capital city of France. It...


Miracle Blade

You can now purchase knives that have been expertly created for you and that can satisfy your slicing requirements. These...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is "Kuhn Rikon" a well known "Home Gardening" brand?

Kuhn Rikon is published as a renowend Home Gardening company on our site. It is estimated that 33K shoppers explore about them on the web monthly.

What are a few alternative brands like "Kuhn Rikon"?

Some of the best alternative brands to "Kuhn Rikon" are "ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS, Starfrit, Hawkins, MAGEFESA and Tojiro in not any particular order.

Out of "Kuhn Rikon", "Tramontina" and "MAGEFESA" Which one is the well sought after "Home Gardening" brand?

Tramontina is very well known between mentioned companies generally due to its highest web popularity on the Internet. They are also included on nearly 18 similar brand lists here on our database.

Are Tramontina and De Buyer related to companies like "Kuhn Rikon"?

Generally yes! Kuhn Rikon is similar to Tramontina and De Buyer. These are leading Cookie Press brands.

For What Reason is 'Kuhn Rikon' well known compared to similar companies like ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS, Starfrit and Hawkins?

Probably because 'Kuhn Rikon' is the highly seached company on Google out of all four companies. Morever, it is covered among approximately 18 number of categories such as Cookie Press, Grinder Salt and Salt Grinder here on our website.

What is the "Kuhn Rikon" brand famous for?

Kuhn Rikon is famous for "Cookie Press, Grinder Salt, Salt Grinder, Potatoes Peelers and Kitchen Shears" brands.