Logico is a company that is dedicated to the manufacturing of cords and cables. They are well aware of the power of connectivity, and they help achieve that proper and secure connection in all aspects of life. They only use the best quality goods to ensure that the customers are 100% satisfied with their products and enjoy a proper connection across the day. Logico is a company that keeps on growing with the changing times and the world of globalization.

Top Logico Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Logico Includes Cables Direct, Platinum Tools, NavePoint, CommScope, Cmple, Monoprice, Cablesandkits, Maplin, Black Box, KabelDirekt among many others.


Cables Direct

Popular Brand

Cables Direct is a connectivity solutions provider and sells interconnectivity products like iPhone cables and wireless presentation systems. They also...


Platinum Tools

Popular Brand

Launched in 1997 by a group of passionate engineers, Platinum Tools has come a long way. It deals with the...



Popular Brand

Located in Libertyville, Illinois, 40 miles north of Chicago, Navepoint is a networking equipment manufacturing and sales company that started...



Best Brand

Commscope is a hardcore network company that provides decent communication nexus via advanced technology. They deliver their customers with a...



Best Brand

Cmple is a firm established in the United States that specializes in the design and production of elevated cables, adapters,...



Best Brand

Monoprice is an affordable brand that offers high-quality cables used in PCs and home theatre systems. They also provide other...



Best Brand

CablesAndKits is one of the United States' fastest-growing Cisco equipment distributors and a significant seller of Cisco Accessories, Power Cords,...



Best Brand

Maplin is committed to becoming the best-specialized technology retailer in the UK. They have a wide choice of products, allowing...


Black Box

Blackbox-av specializes in audio-visual interpretation solutions and products for museums, heritage, tourism, and retail industries. They offer hands-on encounters with...



The KabelDirekt principle is simple: they sell only the most delicate quality cables and accessories. So you can be confident...





Panduit is a major data center provider of industrial automation, enterprise, and building management connectivity solutions. They can supply everything...



Corning's technology, which ranges from glass to fiber optics and silicon to software, contributes to transforming how people live, work,...



Since 1914, ProCo has been a part of the electronic-based industry that always provided solutions to the buyers with their...



Juice Bitz is a one-stop-shop for all your cable needs. The company offers thousands of cables, from mobile charging to...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is "Logico" a popular "Ethernet Cable" company?

Logico is published as the most popular Ethernet Cable brand on our website. It is estimated that 201K people explore about the brand on search engines within a month.

What is the mean cost for purchasing "Logico" brand products?

"Logico" is enlished in "Ethernet Cable", which has mean costing of $15, with $2 to $37 price range. Similarly the brand is also featured in "Lan Cable", that has average pricing of $12, with $2 to $26 price range.

What are several similar brands like "Logico"?

Some major comparable brands to "Logico" are "CommScope, Cablesandkits, Panduit, Maplin and KabelDirekt in random order.

Why is 'Logico' more reputed compared to other companies like Cables Direct, NavePoint and Platinum Tools?

The Reason is 'Logico' is the most sought after company on the web within all the mentioned companies. Additionally, it is enlisted among close to 20 different categories such as Ethernet Cable, Lan Cable and Keystone Jack here on Brandlists.

What are few website related to logico.net?

Few of the webpages related to logico.net for buying Ethernet Cable products are cablesandkits.com, monoprice.com, startech.com, cmple.com and tripplite.com

Among "Logico", "CommScope" and "Wireworld" Which one is the most famous "Ethernet Cable" company?

Logico is very well known within mentioned brands primarily due to its higher brand visibility on the Internet. Logico also published on approximately 20 different brand categories here on this website.