Pacific Coast

Headquartered in Southern California and started in 1979 as a family business, Pacific Coast Lighting manufactures designer portable lighting and provides them to retail lighting and furniture stores mainly. Their products include desk lamps, table lamps, Kathy Ireland brand lamps, home office lamps, etc. The brand believes that lighting is an integral accessory for any place, whether home or the workplace, and aims to create quality products to meet the customers' demands.

Top Pacific Coast Alternatives and Similar Brands

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Pacific Coast" brand also popular for?

Pacific Coast is also popular for "Down Pillows, Feather Beds, Standard Pillows, Hotel Pillows and Feather Pillows" brands.

Is "Pacific Coast" a well known "Home Gardening" company?

Pacific Coast is ranked as the most popular Home Gardening company on this website. Nearly 27K consumers search about the company online per month.

How is 'Pacific Coast' more popular compared to similar companies like downluxe, BioPEDIC and Downright?

Since 'Pacific Coast' is the most sought after brand among internet buyers out of all the mentioned brands. Additionally, it is featured among more than 13 number of lists such as Down Pillows, Feather Beds and Standard Pillows here on our database.

Out of "Pacific Coast", "Serta" and "Snuggledown" Which one is the most recommended "Home Gardening" brand?

Serta is the most searched within mentioned companies generally due to its total search popularity on the Internet. Serta also enlisted on approximately 13 similar brand lists here on this website.

What is the median price for buying "Pacific Coast" brand products?

"Pacific Coast" is categorized in "Down Pillows", that has mean costing of $60, with $18 to $289 price range. Similarly the brand is also published in "Feather Beds", the category has median pricing of $65, with $3 to $204 price range.

Are Holy Lamb Organics and Pillowtex comparable to companies like "Pacific Coast"?

Yes! Pacific Coast is comparable to Holy Lamb Organics and Pillowtex. All are popular Down Pillows brands.