Laid out in 1954, Pillowtex Corporation has made its name by creating and showcasing family materials. The Company items include towels, sheets, carpets, covers, cushions, sleeping pad cushions, featherbeds, blankets, brightening room, and shower extras. The organization is occupied with planning bed cushions, feather blankets, sleeping pad cushions, bedding items, and related home decorations under different brand names for its clients in the United States of America, the producer and provider of home material items.

Top Pillowtex Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Pillowtex Includes Down Etc, DOWNLITE, puredown, Downia, Surrey Down, Continental Bedding, Norfolk Feather, Queen Anne Pillow Company, Downright, Sleepgram among many others.


Down Etc

Popular Brand

A pre-eminent retailer of opulent top-notch cushions, towels, robes, comforters, and beddings for the hospitality management, including casinos, hotels, resorts,...



Popular Brand

An irregular sleeping schedule affects the health of people, and most of the problem arises due to uncomfortable bedding. Providing...



Popular Brand

Things like your pillow and your mattress are crucial parts of receiving sound sleep. It is a must to ensure...



Best Brand

A night of comfortable sleep is what Downia promises to its buyers. They believe that if a person gets the...


Surrey Down

Best Brand

Surrey Down is a bedding company that delivers an assortment of sustainable and quality bedding that helps you have a...


Continental Bedding

Best Brand

For a routinely comfortable and slumberous sleep schedule, the availability of proper bedding items is as important as a disciplined...


Norfolk Feather

Best Brand

Physical comfort is never enough; the more one gets, the more one needs. Norfolk Feather is a company that manufactures...


Queen Anne Pillow Company

Best Brand

The Queen Anne Pillow Company is a great-end pillow retailer. The company offers a variety of pillow-based activities for the...



Assuring you utmost comfort as you relax, Downright has been crafting the highest-quality made-to-order down bedding to give you the...



Bring clouds to your bed with the help of Sleepgram; their pillows are so fluffy that you'll feel like you're...


Sleep Better

Get sound sleep with sleep better, a website that provides comfort cushioning like hypoallergenic beyond down that are traditional shape...



Don’t we all look forward to a good night’s sleep at the end of the day? Premium bedding material from...


Pacific Coast

Headquartered in Southern California and started in 1979 as a family business, Pacific Coast Lighting manufactures designer portable lighting and...



Faced with long, bitter Norwegian winters, the founders of Snuggledown invested their talents and created their first duvet in 1901....


Holy Lamb Organics

Holy Lamb Organics is on a mission to offer sustainable and beautiful handcrafted products for every home. The company provides...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are DOWNLITE and Queen Anne Pillow Company identical to companies like "Pillowtex"?

Yes! Pillowtex is an alternative to DOWNLITE and Queen Anne Pillow Company. These are popular Down Pillows brands.

Which are some of the sites alternative to pillowtex.com?

Few webpages identical to pillowtex.com to shop Down Pillows products are puredown.com, pacificcoastlighting.com, bedstory.com, downetc.com and downia.com

What is the standard price for purchasing "Pillowtex" brand products?

"Pillowtex" is enlished in "Down Pillows", which has mean pricing of $60, with $18 to $289 price range. Likewise the brand is also featured in "Cotton Pillow", that has median costing of $39, with $10 to $199 price range.

Out of "Pillowtex", "Down Etc" and "downluxe" Which one is the most recommended "Pillows" brand?

Down Etc is the most researched between mentioned brands mainly due to its highest search popularity online. The company is also included on close to 15 different brand topics here on our site.

What is the "Pillowtex" brand also famous for?

Pillowtex is also popular for "Down Pillows, Cotton Pillow, Bamboo Duvet, Standard Pillows and Feather Pillows" companies.

For Which Reason is 'Pillowtex' more reputed compared to similar brands like Surrey Down, Norfolk Feather and Downright?

Mainly because 'Pillowtex' is the highly inquisitive product manufacturer on the web out of all of the mentioned companies. Also, it is listed among close to 15 related lists such as Down Pillows, Cotton Pillow and Bamboo Duvet here on Brandlists.com.