With a history branded with innovation and technology, Philco has ventured into several avenues. It manufactures and develops advanced products in various categories to make its customers' lives easier. It is associated with a brand that only sells high-quality products. This has appealed to its customers, who have always relied on its products. Since its inception 50 years ago, the brand has lived up to the expectations of every customer through its values and services.

Top Philco Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Philco Includes Magnavox, RCA, Emerson, Raytheon, SANYO, TELEFUNKEN, Silvertone, KLH, Sansui, Mullard among many others.



Popular Brand

Magnavox is the company that enhances the quality of your home entertainment. Magnavox works hard to provide you with the...



Popular Brand

The electronics industry is one of those industries that saw a lot of changes. And surprisingly, this field is still...



Popular Brand

Emerson Radio is the country's oldest wholesaler of consumer electronics. They are a family-owned firm that collaborates with renowned brands...



Best Brand

Raytheon is a combination of solutions for the defense, aviation and aerospace sectors of our world. An assembly of the...



Best Brand

Sanyo is a leading Japanese electronics company known for its modern and high-tech TVs. They are one of the world's...



Best Brand

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is a market leader in the design and production of large replacement components for vintage-style microphones. They 've...



Best Brand

Silvertone is a company with a mission: to equip you with the most fantastic guitars and music instruction available. Their...



Best Brand

KLH Audio builds world-class audio products to give pleasure to your ears that they so desperately deserve. They sell different...





Mullard Magic sells old electronics, vintage cameras, timepieces, automobiles, and classic vehicles. It has broadened its interests and now supports...



TEAC was born from a simple idea, and the goal was to combine the famous TEAC sound quality with all...



GPX has the most fantastic deals on electronics and a large inventory, so you're likely to find what you're searching...



Akai Professional is a firm that creates unique, intuitive, and creative goods. The firm invented the first professional MPC workstation...



If you are craving for something to keep you occupied, Goldstar is for you. The website lists options for different...



Aiwa is a business with a long history in audio. The same enthusiasm and dedication to producing a beautiful sound...

Frequently Asked Questions

Amid "Philco", "TEAC" and "Aiwa" Which one is the most popular "Tubes" brand?

Philco is very well known between mentioned companies mainly due to its total brand visibility on the web. It is also enlisted on close to 4 similar brand topics here on our site.

Why Is "Philco" a well known "Tubes" company?

Philco is listed as the most popular Tubes brand on this website. Close to 135K buyers explore about them on search engines per month.

What are different identical companies like "Philco"?

Some of the best related brands to "Philco" are "Magnavox, SANYO, TELEFUNKEN, Goldstar and Aiwa in arbitrary order.

What is the average cost for purchasing "Philco" brand products?

"Philco" is categorized in "Vacuum Tubes", which has average pricing of $53, with $5 to $399 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also listed in "Table Radios", the category has mean costing of $72, with $19 to $179 price range.

For Which Reason is 'Philco' very popular compared to similar companies like Emerson, SANYO and Mullard?

Probably because 'Philco' is the highly inquisitive company among shoppers within all four brands. Also, it is ranked among approximately 4 similar categories such as Vacuum Tubes, Table Radios and Portable Vinyl Player here on Brandlists.

Are TELEFUNKEN and Sansui related to brands like "Philco"?

Definitely! Philco is related to TELEFUNKEN and Sansui. They are leading Vacuum Tubes brands.