Rolodex is the go-to company when you need innovative and accessible products for your home and office use. For over 50 years, it has been in this business, helping people expand their networks. It allows customers to manage their business cards and organize their workspaces. It specializes in manufacturing workspace accessories that balance style and practicality, ensuring your workspace has a good balance. Rolodex ensures your workspace and your home life remains stable and efficient.

Top Rolodex Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Rolodex Includes Smead, Filofax, Officemate, Esselte, PlanAhead, FROMB, Mead, Franklin Covey, AT-A-GLANCE, Day-Timer among many others.



Popular Brand

Make your perfect organizing dream come true with Smead. They offer over 2000 different styles and designs to meet all...



Popular Brand

Whether at school or work, organizers are tools that make our lives easier. Filofax is an international company that sells...



Popular Brand

In the office goods market, Officemate is a significant office equipment maker. Binder clips from them provide superior holding strength,...



Best Brand

Esselte has long held the opinion that it is possible to establish a vibrant and stimulating work environment. They assist...



Best Brand

Planning your life becomes easy with PlanAhead’s sleek, practical and stylish products. From nifty organizers to unique journals, we have...



Best Brand

Connect and find business solutions conveniently on the FROMB EC21 business-to-business e-marketplace. This popular marketplace easily connects suppliers and buyers...



Best Brand

Mead is all about the processes that go into making Mead. It's all about creating and drinking ancient alcoholic beverages...


Franklin Covey

Best Brand


Planners and calendars have become an essential part of everyone’s life, especially in the corporate world where regular meetings, plans,...



Day-Timer is a place to find the best accessories like your everyday planner or upgrading your new cover. They have...


Day Designer

Day Designer was born from a vision of leading rewarding and stress-free loves. They create various planners, be it for...


Graphic Image

Graphic Image takes a bit of leather and magically turns it into stylish leather accessories that beautify your work desk....



Snap-N-Store offers an innovative replacement for the plastic storage items of today. Snap-N-Store storage containers are compatible with both your...


Bankers Box

Bankers Box is a brand that resonates in meeting the everyday needs of the customer, from daily storage devices to...


The Happy Planner

Planners are so important to keep your daily list of chores organized. Happy Planners brings you the best easy-to-maintain planners...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mean price for ordering "Rolodex" brand items?

"Rolodex" is included in "Blank Book", that has average costing of $14, with $2 to $39 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also featured in "File Holder", that has median costing of $18, with $6 to $59 price range.

Are Filofax and Mead similar to companies like "Rolodex"?

Yes! Rolodex is an alternative to Filofax and Mead. The three are leading Blank Book brands.

Is "Rolodex" a renowend "Planners" company?

Rolodex is featured as the most popular Planners brand on Roughtly 74K people search about the company on Google within a month.

What are a few similar brands like "Rolodex"?

Some good similar brands to "Rolodex" are "Smead, Esselte, PlanAhead, Day-Timer and Bankers Box in arbitrary order.