Soraa is a light manufacturing company offering quality and luminosity like no other. They bring nature's light indoors using their hi-tech technology. They are the first choice of professionals, and their products can be spotted in Museums, Restaurants, Hotels, and Retail Shops. They offer full-spectrum LED lights made using revolutionary technology from California. Their range includes professional lamps, Soraa Snap Systems, and Transformers. The best part about the Snap Systems range is that it can shift color.

Top Soraa Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Soraa Includes Bonlux, Viribright, TCP, Feit Electric, Wiz, SATCO, Radium, Lohas, Venture Lighting, DiCUNO among many others.



Popular Brand

Bonlux aims to reduce carbon footprints by lowering light energy consumption via energy-efficient LED systems. The R&D of the company...



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A brand that offers LED solutions for households, offices, and other places, Viribright Lighting has become a leading manufacturer and...



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TCP is a brand that deals with lights. They have experience of over 20 years in this sector. TCP has...


Feit Electric

Best Brand

Feit Electric is a significant LED Lighting and Energy Saving Light Bulbs maker. They provide greater CFL, LED string lights,...



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WiZ is a platform that enables customers to configure and manage their connected lighting system. It is the ideal companion...



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Satco is a significant supplier of lighting solutions in the commercial, residential, and industrial markets. They manufacture top-quality light bulbs...



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Opting for the best performance while saving energy is something every person wants in their electricity usage. Radium has been...



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Lohas used the untapped potential of LED to beautify the world with lighting. They have LED lights for all your...


Venture Lighting

Every individual likes to decorate one's room with lights that bring positivity and happiness. It's no surprise that we may...





Status is a leading provider of the most fabulous caliber headphones with ground-breaking technological applications. Their headphones are built with...



Epistar is a multinational company that literally brings light to the world. They are one of the largest producers of...


LED Concepts

Illuminate your home and office with lights from LED concepts. LED concepts is an American brand that provides quality lighting...



EVEREADY attempts to provide you with the most fantastic lighting solutions, ranging from bulbs to tube lights. They offer you...



Energizer is the ultimate solution to charge up your battery. The brand has been around for some time, so it...

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Soraa from? How big the brand is?

The Soraa is Fremont, California, United States based company established in 2009. The 13 old Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing firm has nearly 200 to 500 employees as of today working with them.

Are SATCO and DiCUNO identical to companies like "Soraa"?

Mostly yes! Soraa is similar to SATCO and DiCUNO. They are known Small Led Light Bulbs brands.

What are different related brands like "Soraa"?

Some good equivalent brands to "Soraa" are "Bonlux, Feit Electric, Hyperikon, Radium and Venture Lighting in random order.

Which are different sites comparable to

Few of the webpages like for buying Small Led Light Bulbs products are,,, and

What is the standard cost for buying "Soraa" brand products?

"Soraa" is listed in "Small Led Light Bulbs", which has average pricing of $19, with $6 to $37 price range. Likewise the brand is also featured in "Small Led Bulb", which has mean costing of $19, with $7 to $119 price range.

For Which Reason is 'Soraa' more popular compared to similar companies like TCP, Lohas and Energizer?

Since 'Soraa' is the highly seached product manufacturer on Google within all the mentioned brands. On top of that, it is listed among close to 4 identical topics such as Small Led Light Bulbs, Small Led Bulb and Recessed Lighting Bulbs here on Brandlists.