Taking care of all your audio needs, Stax brings you high-quality electrostatic audio systems. The audiophile in you will be blown away by the accurate distribution by drivers such as the Stax SRM-D10, Stax SRM-T8000, headsets like Stax SR-003MK2 and more. Their customers’ satisfaction is their top priority and their manufacturing line works to ensure that you enjoy your music the best way there is.

Top Stax Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Stax Includes HIFIMAN, Grado, Meze, Audeze, ZERO AUDIO, FiiO, Koss, ULTRASONE, Fostex, FRENDS among many others.



Popular Brand

HIFIMAN deals with the world of sound. They craft premium earphones, headphones, and amplifiers. The latest technologies are used to...



Popular Brand

Grado Labs manufactures the world's most enormous headphones and cartridges. They sold different electronics parts and later began selling elevated...



Popular Brand

If one wants to stay updated with the world and all the current trends, one should never stop exploring, regardless...



Best Brand

Having good audio quality is not only necessary for good communication but also the protection of your ears. Audeze takes...



Best Brand

Zero Audio is a brand from Kyoto, Japan, primarily known for selling top-notch earphones and earbuds. The business was set...



Best Brand

FiiO is all about the music. The company sells high-quality sound systems that range from small to big. The company...



Best Brand

John C. Koss established Koss in 1958. Koss pioneered elevated driver units and rare earth magnets in stereo headphones, which...



Best Brand

ULTRASONE creates, manufactures, and sells the best quality headphones and headsets. They produce sustainable audio products for the consumers using...



Fostex is an electronics firm that produces loudspeakers and audio equipment for other companies or sells them under the "Fostex"...



Born in Los Angeles, Frends was a brand started in 2011 with a passion for designer headphones. They revolutionized the...



Over 90% of hearing loss is caused by exposure to excessive noise. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) affects your ability to...



Complications with the earbuds are minor but highly frustrating. The foam ear tips by Comply are engineered with viscoelastic memory...



Beyerdynamic is a more powerful brand in audio technology. Customers appreciate precision, expertise, and experience from the organization. Beyerdynamic's product...


Energy Sistem

Energy Sistem is a firm with 25 years of expertise that creates new products that allow individuals worldwide to attend...


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are a few similar brands like "Stax"?

Some top equivalent brands to "Stax" are "HIFIMAN, Audeze, FiiO, ULTRASONE and Energy Sistem in not any particular order.

Between "Stax", "ULTRASONE" and "Etymotic" Which one is the most admired "Headphones" brand?

Stax is very popular within mentioned brands mostly due to its total consumer awareness online. The brand is also featured on close to 4 other brand lists here on our site.

Why Is "Stax" a famous "Headphones" brand?

Stax is ranked as the most famous Headphones company on Estimated 110K consumers research about them on the internet per month.

Are FRENDS and beyerdynamic alternative to brands like "Stax"?

Yes! Stax is comparable to FRENDS and beyerdynamic. The three are leading Headphone Accessories brands.

Why is 'Stax' more reputed compared to identical companies like Audeze, Koss and Etymotic?

Mainly because 'Stax' is the highly sought after product manufacturer on the web between all four companies. Additionally, it is included among approximately 4 number of lists such as Headphone Accessories, Open Back Headphones and Electrostatic Speakers here on

What is the mean price for buying "Stax" brand items?

"Stax" is enlished in "Headphone Accessories", which has average costing of $12, with $4 to $39 price range. Similarly the brand is also published in "Open Back Headphones", the category has average pricing of $159, with $42 to $429 price range.