Fostex is an electronics firm that produces loudspeakers and audio equipment for other companies or sells them under the "Fostex" brand name. Professional audio, home theatre, sound reinforcement systems, studio monitoring applications, consumer audio hi-fi systems, and automobile stereos all use their products. The company was formed in 1946 by a group of audiophiles in Japan. Since then, they've concentrated on creating the best-quality audio items employing groundbreaking technologies. On their dynamic and skilled teams, engineers, designers, and marketers continually combine to develop innovative products that alter the audio industry. As the market needs, they then moved on to professional and broadcast video products, such as decks and monitors.

Top Fostex Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Fostex Includes HIFIMAN, Audeze, Stax, ULTRASONE, FiiO, beyerdynamic, CRISPI, Kochmann, Denon, Musical Fidelity among many others.



Popular Brand

HIFIMAN deals with the world of sound. They craft premium earphones, headphones, and amplifiers. The latest technologies are used to...



Popular Brand

Having good audio quality is not only necessary for good communication but also the protection of your ears. Audeze takes...



Popular Brand

Taking care of all your audio needs, Stax brings you high-quality electrostatic audio systems. The audiophile in you will be...



Best Brand

ULTRASONE creates, manufactures, and sells the best quality headphones and headsets. They produce sustainable audio products for the consumers using...



Best Brand

FiiO is all about the music. The company sells high-quality sound systems that range from small to big. The company...



Best Brand

Beyerdynamic is a more powerful brand in audio technology. Customers appreciate precision, expertise, and experience from the organization. Beyerdynamic's product...



Best Brand

CRISPI is well aware that it has been tough to grab a pair of the best hunting boots out there....



Best Brand

Kochmann has been a leading brand of boots in Europe since 1899. For the past 45 years, they are labeled...



Denon is committed to producing more great audio equipment for every purpose. Their award-winning devices provide the most excellent listening...


Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity's concept is to create hi-fi equipment that is thrilling to use, simple to operate, and sounds better than...



Revox is a Swiss manufacturer of premium audio products and aims to make products that will give an authentic listening...



Klipsch Audio is known for its exceptional sound, comfort, and design. Klipsch has been the choice of elite artists and...



Sennheiser is the future of audio. They believe they can change their users' auditory experience with their exceptional products and...



Focal is a leading manufacturer of professional speakers and headphones. Each one is handcrafted using only the finest materials in...



AKU creates outdoor shoes that brave nature's challenges to be your companion in adventures. Manufactured in Italy, they create shoes...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are few website related to

Different sites related to to shop Balanced Headphones products are,,, and

Why is 'Fostex' well known compared to identical companies like CRISPI, Revox and Musical Fidelity?

Since 'Fostex' is the most seached company online within all the mentioned companies. Furthermore, it is included among more than 17 identical topics such as Balanced Headphones, Headphones Sony and Digital Recorders here on our website.

What is the standard price for ordering "Fostex" brand items?

"Fostex" is categorized in "Balanced Headphones", which has mean costing of $326, with $59 to $1862 price range. Similarly the brand is also listed in "Headphones Sony", that has mean costing of $115, with $15 to $348 price range.

What is the "Fostex" brand popular for?

Fostex is also famous for "Balanced Headphones, Headphones Sony, Digital Recorders, Headphone Amps and Active Monitor Speakers" brands.

What are different comparable brands like "Fostex"?

Some of the best similar brands to "Fostex" are "Stax, FiiO, CRISPI, Denon and Musical Fidelity in not any particular order.

Why Is "Fostex" an admired "Headphones" brand?

Fostex is published as a well known Headphones brand on our website. Roughtly 27K people find about them on the internet monthly.