Storex is a brand that provides several storing materials for homes, offices, and schools. They have a wide range of products for their customers. All the products are available in different sizes and have several colors too. Their products include book bins, caddies, clipboards, crates, file boxes, janitorial, etc. All the products have a specific characteristic mentioned on the website for customers. People can also become a dealer of their products for which information are available on their website.

Top Storex Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Storex Includes Bankers Box, Smead, Advantus, Esselte, Officemate, Vaultz, ROLYKIT, Snap-N-Store, Sterilite, Homz among many others.


Bankers Box

Popular Brand

Bankers Box is a brand that resonates in meeting the everyday needs of the customer, from daily storage devices to...



Popular Brand

Make your perfect organizing dream come true with Smead. They offer over 2000 different styles and designs to meet all...



Popular Brand

Advantus is a diverse consumer goods corporation with brands dating back to 1878. They are the world's largest maker of...



Best Brand

Esselte has long held the opinion that it is possible to establish a vibrant and stimulating work environment. They assist...



Best Brand

In the office goods market, Officemate is a significant office equipment maker. Binder clips from them provide superior holding strength,...



Best Brand

Vaultz is a single buying and marketing organization member, meaning they have constant access to new and exciting products and...



Best Brand

Snap-N-Store offers an innovative replacement for the plastic storage items of today. Snap-N-Store storage containers are compatible with both your...



Sterilite is a renowned provider of home storage solutions, such as stackable totes and plastic storage bins. Their extensive product...



Homz helps their customers organize their homes more practically. They have been in this business for more than 65 years,...



You need the best office supplies to make your office productive, efficient, and exuberant. With Quill, choose from a wide...



The Tamarack Chair adds instant beauty and comfort to any outdoor or indoor environment. Its ergonomically designed features include slatted...



EZOWare is a one-stop-shop for all of your storage, organizing, beauty, and decor requirements. Their products make organizing, storing, and...


Universal Office Products



Rolodex is the go-to company when you need innovative and accessible products for your home and office use. For over...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sterilite and Snap-N-Store comparable to brands like "Storex"?

Definitely! Storex is an alternative to Sterilite and Snap-N-Store. They are known File Boxes brands.

What are some of the website similar to

Few of the webpages related to to shop File Boxes products are,,, and

For Which Reason is 'Storex' more reputed compared to other brands like EZOWare, Quill and Rolodex?

The Reason is 'Storex' is the highly sought after brand among search engines within all four brands. Additionally, it is ranked among close to 5 number of lists such as File Boxes, File Storage and Plastic Bins here on our website.

What is the median cost for buying "Storex" brand products?

"Storex" is categorized in "File Boxes", which has median pricing of $39, with $15 to $135 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also featured in "File Storage", that has median costing of $39, with $6 to $249 price range.

Among "Storex", "Homz" and "Universal Office Products" Which one is the well sought after "File Boxes" brand?

Storex is the most sought after among mentioned companies mainly due to its higher brand awareness on the web. It is also enlisted on approximately 5 similar brand lists here on

Where is Storex from? How big the brand is?

The Storex is Lasalle, Quebec, Canada based firm begun their journey in 1999. The 23 old Plastics firm has about 200 to 500 employees today working with them.