Established in Japan in 1913, Tombow is an art & craft dedicated brand that manufactures and sells various craft materials. Markers, pens, dual brush pens, mono drawing pens, mono twin, twin tone, adhesives, glues, pencils, erasers, planner essentials, school and college project material like lettering worksheets, and templates are in the lineup. The brand's mission is to define the standard practices and traditions in its consumer's life. It is now a worldwide provider of art and craft stuff.

Top Tombow Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Tombow Includes Pentel, Copic, Staedtler, Faber-Castell, Uni Filter, Sharpie, Kuretake, rOtring, uni-ball, Paper Mate among many others.



Popular Brand

Pentel has many best-quality pens, refills, stationery, and accessories. They've been assisting people in developing their unique handwriting style and...



Popular Brand

While making notes, plain text can be differentiated from the important one using markers. The colorful and reliable markers provide...



Popular Brand

Staedtler goods assist them in this effort by making life easier for them. Staedtler's variety of pencils, pens, markers, drawing...



Best Brand

Faber-Castell, founded in 1761, is a world leader in producing exquisite writing tools and other office equipment. They provide various...


Uni Filter

Best Brand

The protection of your vehicle engine is much required due to increasing pollution now. Uni Filters is a brand where...



Best Brand

Sanford Manufacturing Company was formed in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1857 by Frederick W. Redington and William H. Sanford, Jr. The...



Best Brand

Colibri manufactures smoking accessories and men's sumptuous goods that are luxurious, durable, and let you enjoy the glorious moments of...



Best Brand

rOtring is the name that immediately comes to mind for mechanical pencils and pens for all creative and engineering solutions....



Uniball is a UK-based company offering high-quality writing instruments to people worldwide. The brands aim to promote creativity and inspiration...


Paper Mate

The moment of receiving a pen from your father when you do well is the ultimate form of pride. Papermate...



POSCA colors are made to satisfy each artist’s soul with the intent to inspire and create. Its newfound technology enables...



Wilhelm Feuerstein founded MOLOTOW, a German-based company that started as a family business and gradually expanded in philosophy and quality....



Let the artists within you shine with Arteza. They provide the best art supplies for you, including all painting, crafting,...



Have you always wanted to witness the magical experience of bringing a blank page to life with your beautiful drawings?...



Ohuhu produces paintbrushes and markers at extremely reasonable costs and with excellent quality. The alcohol art markers in their collection...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Copic and Sharpie alternative to companies like "Tombow"?

Generally yes! Tombow is identical to Copic and Sharpie. These are leading Brush Pens brands.

How is 'Tombow' more popular compared to other companies like Staedtler, Paper Mate and Ohuhu?

Probably because 'Tombow' is the highly inquisitive product manufacturer among shoppers out of all the mentioned brands. Besides, it is featured among approximately 20 number of categories such as Brush Pens, School Supplies and Marker Pens here on our database.

Which are few website alternative to

Different websites similar to to buy Brush Pens products are,,, and

What is the median cost for ordering "Tombow" brand items?

"Tombow" is enlished in "Brush Pens", which has median costing of $22, with $5 to $140 price range. Similarly the brand is also categorized in "School Supplies", that has average costing of $11, with $3 to $40 price range.

What are different identical companies like "Tombow"?

Some leading equivalent brands to "Tombow" are "Staedtler, Copic, Kuretake, Paper Mate and Arteza in arbitrary order.

Why Is "Tombow" a reputed "Art Supplies" company?

Tombow is ranked as a top Art Supplies brand on our site. Around 74K consumers search about the company on the internet monthly.