VELO Orange is a handmade bicycle company situated in Southern California. They carry a variety of bike types, each with its personality, character, narrative, and appearance. Each bike results from many hours of expert effort by its staff. Whether you ride for transit, recreation, or exercise, it can help you come to work with a grin every day. VELO's tires are created in France from natural latex rubber, while their frames are composed of steel, and each frame is handcrafted to order in their Los Angeles studio.

Top VELO Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to VELO Includes Prologo, Selle Italia, Ergon, SQlab, Selle San Marco, WTB, Selle SMP, Tioga, Brooks England, Fizik among many others.



Popular Brand

Prologo has been revolutionary in the way one thinks of saddles today. The brand is driven by the latest innovation...


Selle Italia

Popular Brand

Selle Italia's prosperity knows no limits as it has proper execution and maintains solace. Established in 1897- in more than...



Popular Brand

Ergon is dedicated to the spirit of bike enthusiasts. The company understands the passion of cyclists, and they provide all...



Best Brand

SQlab is a must favorite for all bicycle lovers. They are one of the most significant manufacturers of bicycle gears...


Selle San Marco

Best Brand

Selle San Marco has been making saddles for bicycles since 1940; it became the world’s biggest handmade saddle company in...



Best Brand

WTB is dedicated to mountain biking. WTB have immense love and respect for the sport, and they make accessories and...


Selle SMP

Best Brand

A family company based in Padua, Italy, Selle SMP has been crafting bicycle saddles since 1947 and is proud to...



Best Brand

Tioga is a company that does not have a lot of experience under its belt, but they do know what...


Brooks England

Brooks develops and manufactures premium quality leather products. Since its inception more than a hundred fifty years ago, the company...



Fizik, founded in 1996, creates smart, inspirational, and creative gear for every rider. The ability to create vibrant designs and...



For the best cycling experience, you need the best visual appeal to enhance your endeavors; with SUPACAZ’s line of clothing,...



Fabric, an amazon company, introduces you to a range of fabric materials. You can get options for wool, knit, silk,...


Lizard Skins

The world of sports is incomplete without its accessories. Every sport needs essential tools to help athletes be their best....



For almost 45 years, Ritchey has been the world's premier provider of bicycle components. It produces componentry that is race-worthy...



Schwinn is winning the race when it comes to bicycles. The company was established back in 1895 in Chicago. The...

Frequently Asked Questions

Amid "VELO", "SQlab" and "Ritchey" Which one is the well known "vélos" brand?

VELO is the most searched between mentioned companies mainly due to its higher consumer awareness online. The company is also included on nearly 29 other brand categories here on our site.

Why Is "VELO" a popular "vélos" brand?

VELO is ranked as a top vélos brand on About 550K consumers find about the company on Google every month.

For Which Reason is 'VELO' more popular compared to identical brands like WTB, Selle SMP and Serfas?

Mainly because 'VELO' is the highly seached brand online within all the mentioned companies. Further, it is featured among more than 29 related lists such as Bike Seat, Mtb Saddles and Bike Lock here on our website.

What are few website similar to

Some of the websites similar to for buying Bike Seat products are,,, and

What is the "VELO" brand popular for?

VELO is known for "Bike Seat, Mtb Saddles, Bike Lock, Cable Housing and Cable Lock" companies.

Where is VELO from? How strong the company is?

The VELO is Annapolis, Maryland, United States based company established in 2006. The 16 old Consumer Goods company has roughtly 2 to 10 staff as of today working with them.