VP components is a company manufacturing and selling bicycle parts and accessories to their consumers. They sell some items in pedals, brakes, and grips. They understand the pleasure of riding a bike, and they want to make sure that all of their customers enjoy that smooth ride over rugged terrain. VP Components are specific about the quality of goods they use for the manufacturing process. Durability and stability is their goal. They always strive to achieve better.

Top VP Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to VP Includes Wellgo, MKS, Xpedo, Speedplay, crankbrothers, HT Enterprises, Neco, SR, DMR, Gipiemme among many others.



Popular Brand


Popular Brand

MKS is a Japanese firm that simulates household goods. Their major business is cold and hot forging with superior technology...



Popular Brand

Are you a cycling enthusiast? If so, we have the perfect place for all your cycling needs: Xpedo has everything...



Best Brand

Speedplay makes the most advanced bike pedals that ensure the best performance. It is the only company that manufactures dual-sided...



Best Brand

Crankbrothers is the top manufacturer of sophisticated mountain bike components in the world. They design mountain bike components tested by...


HT Enterprises

Best Brand

HT Enterprises aims to offer the best ice fishing products to the world. They take every measure to ensure that...



Best Brand

Riding bikes is all fun and games until something goes wrong and you aimlessly wander trying to find the best...



Best Brand

Suspension is a key component of the entire experience of biking that ties together all the different parts of the...



DMR set up its base on British soil a long time ago. They have been designing and manufacturing Mountain bikes...



A manufacturer of high-quality bike parts and wheelchairs for sportsmen, Gipiemme is an Italian house producer. With a large variety...



Exustar has been in the industry for 25 years. They have focused on being the leading supplier of bicycle pedals,...



YST is involved with providing machinery parts for the masses. Their employees use the latest technology systems to provide the...



We consider cycling as one of the alternatives to burning fuel which helps conserve the natural balance of gases in...



Tioga is a company that does not have a lot of experience under its belt, but they do know what...



OFMEGA is an Italian company that has been producing bicycle parts for the last fifty years and is now considered...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price for buying "VP" brand items?

"VP" is categorized in "Pedals", which has median costing of $57, with $6 to $238 price range. Likewise the brand is also featured in "Bike Pedals", which has mean costing of $43, with $8 to $304 price range.

Are YST and Tioga alternative to companies like "VP"?

Undeniably! VP is similar to YST and Tioga. They are famous Pedals brands.

Which are different sites comparable to vpcomponents.com?

Few websites similar to vpcomponents.com to purchase Pedals products are crankbrothers.com, xlc-parts.com, campagnolo.com, speedplay.com and timebicycles.com

What are some comparable brands like "VP"?

Some major equivalent brands to "VP" are "Xpedo, crankbrothers, YST, Sugino and Tioga in random order.

For Which Reason is 'VP' more famous compared to similar brands like Wellgo, Neco and Sugino?

The Reason is 'VP' is the highly seached product manufacturer among search engines between all four companies. Also, it is listed among close to 26 identical lists such as Pedals, Bike Pedals and Cycling Cleats here on our database.

What is the "VP" brand known for?

VP is famous for "Pedals, Bike Pedals, Cycling Cleats, Bicycle Pedals and Clipless Pedals" companies.