DMR set up its base on British soil a long time ago. They have been designing and manufacturing Mountain bikes and Dirt jump bikes for some time now. DMR understands the call of the ride and the pure bliss of exploring new roads. For over 25 years, they have come up with original designs that are efficient and reliable. The company has also created some significant components to assist all the customers who have a love for riding. You can find different frames, pedals, and grips on their site.

Top DMR Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to DMR Includes Gusset, FUNN, Ergon, Wellgo, AZONIC, crankbrothers, Propalm, Race Face, VP, Lizard Skins among many others.



Popular Brand

The Gusset is a rider's brand. The company manufactures all sorts of bicycle parts. The products range from chains, saddles,...



Popular Brand

Funn is an exclusive brand manufacturing bike components to provide you with the best biking experience. Funn produces the components...



Popular Brand

Ergon is dedicated to the spirit of bike enthusiasts. The company understands the passion of cyclists, and they provide all...



Best Brand


Best Brand

There exist some adventurous people who love to ride bikes wherever they go. Whether it’s a straight road or a...



Best Brand

Crankbrothers is the top manufacturer of sophisticated mountain bike components in the world. They design mountain bike components tested by...



Best Brand

Propalm is a manufacturer of handle tools for around three decades. The brand is known for its impeccable research and...


Race Face

Best Brand

Race Face's mountain cyclists, engineers, and designers work together to build the world's most innovative mountain bike components. As a...



VP components is a company manufacturing and selling bicycle parts and accessories to their consumers. They sell some items in...


Lizard Skins

The world of sports is incomplete without its accessories. Every sport needs essential tools to help athletes be their best....


HT Enterprises

HT Enterprises aims to offer the best ice fishing products to the world. They take every measure to ensure that...



Are you a cycling enthusiast? If so, we have the perfect place for all your cycling needs: Xpedo has everything...



To fulfill your superbike fetishes, Proper Bike presents you with the most stylish bike accessories you were looking for. From...



Speedplay makes the most advanced bike pedals that ensure the best performance. It is the only company that manufactures dual-sided...



If you are a health freak trying to find a unique way to work out, you must try cycling. When...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are a few similar companies like "DMR"?

Some major equivalent brands to "DMR" are "Gusset, FUNN, Race Face, Xpedo and MKS in random order.

How is 'DMR' more reputed compared to identical brands like Race Face, Xpedo and Proper?

Mainly because 'DMR' is the most inquisitive company on Google between all of the mentioned brands. Besides, it is listed among more than 12 related lists such as Pedals, Bike Pedals and Flat Pedals here on

Among "DMR", "Ergon" and "AZONIC" Which one is the most popular "Bike Parts" company?

Ergon is very popular among mentioned brands generally due to its total web popularity on the Internet. It is also enlisted on nearly 12 similar brand categories here on this website.

Are AZONIC and Race Face comparable to brands like "DMR"?

Certainly! DMR is related to AZONIC and Race Face. They are famous Pedals brands.

What is the "DMR" brand also famous for?

DMR is famous for "Pedals, Bike Pedals, Flat Pedals, Mtb Pedals Flat and Bike Handle" companies.

What is the average cost for ordering "DMR" brand items?

"DMR" is included in "Pedals", which has mean pricing of $57, with $6 to $238 price range. Similarly the brand is also listed in "Bike Pedals", the category has median pricing of $43, with $8 to $304 price range.