Xavax is a sub-brand of Hama, an international brand founded in 1923 by Hamaphot KG in Dresden. Xavax is a household brand, having a catalog of over 1200 products that include household items and appliances. From as small as an LED bulb, drinking cups, and vessels to storage and kitchen appliances, it has a wide range that can fulfill all your home requirements in a single place. They are inclined towards environmental protection, hence taking measures for making their products environment and nature friendly.

Top Xavax Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Xavax Includes Omnilux, Radium, Lohas, Bonlux, DiCUNO, Wiz, Viribright, Bartyspares, Sansi, Light & Living among many others.



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There's a massive market for skincare out there, but Omnilux is your best bet. Why? Here's a list. Their products...



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Opting for the best performance while saving energy is something every person wants in their electricity usage. Radium has been...



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Lohas used the untapped potential of LED to beautify the world with lighting. They have LED lights for all your...



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Bonlux aims to reduce carbon footprints by lowering light energy consumption via energy-efficient LED systems. The R&D of the company...



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WiZ is a platform that enables customers to configure and manage their connected lighting system. It is the ideal companion...



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A brand that offers LED solutions for households, offices, and other places, Viribright Lighting has become a leading manufacturer and...



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A seller of appliances ranging from refrigerators to vacuum cleaners, Bartyspares offers a collection of commodities from various brands at...



Let your home and office illuminate with high-quality lights provided by Sansi. They range from grow lights that will help...


Light & Living

Light and Living fulfills your daily living and needs solutions. You can find various lighting options such as lamps for...



Soraa is a light manufacturing company offering quality and luminosity like no other. They bring nature's light indoors using their...



SUNLEX brings forward high-class Chinese lighting delivering high-performance bulbs. The brand manufactures and produces efficient, reliable LED and CFL lights...



BLV Licht was founded in 1968 with the aim of providing robust and reliable lighting solutions and systems to a...



Whether you are in the catering business or running a commercial restaurant, Moffat's kitchen products are perfect for the task....



NARVA was founded on exceeding its client's expectations at every step. Experts accomplished it by using the finest quality, worldwide...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price for ordering "Xavax" brand products?

"Xavax" is included in "Washing Machine Hose Connector", that has average costing of $14, with $3 to $34 price range. Likewise the brand is also featured in "Stacking Kit", which has average costing of $25, with $11 to $39 price range.

Is "Xavax" an admired "Glühlampen" brand?

Xavax is ranked as a reputed Glühlampen brand on Brandlists. It is estimated that 2.4K consumers explore about them on Google within a month.

What are various similar companies like "Xavax"?

Some good alternative brands to "Xavax" are "Omnilux, Light & Living, Sansi, SUNLUX and MOFFAT in not any particular order.

Amid "Xavax", "Sansi" and "SUNLUX" Which one is the well known "Glühlampen" brand?

SUNLUX is the most sought after amidst mentioned brands mainly due to its overall web popularity on the web. It is also featured on around 12 different brand topics here on this website.

How is 'Xavax' more famous compared to identical brands like Bonlux, Wiz and SUNLUX?

Probably because 'Xavax' is the highly sought after brand among search engines out of all the mentioned brands. On top of that, it is enlisted among close to 12 number of categories such as Washing Machine Hose Connector, Stacking Kit and Thermometer Fridge here on Brandlists.com.

What is the "Xavax" brand also popular for?

Xavax is also popular for "Washing Machine Hose Connector, Stacking Kit, Thermometer Fridge, Beko Dishwasher and Washer Dryer Stand" companies.