Xiberia was established in 2011 to take the professional esports industry by storm. They have the most innovative team of designers who research game experiences and work with uncompromising effort to provide the best and most comfortable products for users worldwide. Xiberia's gaming headset launched in 2014, and they became the official partner of multiple in-country e-sports competitions like WUCG. You can be assured about the quality of their products since they are tested numerous times by professional gamers before being launched into the market.

Top Xiberia Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Xiberia Includes PLEXTONE, RUNMUS, Beexcellent, NUBWO, Onikuma, Bengoo, Qpad, Supsoo, Turtle Beach, SOMIC among many others.



Popular Brand

PLEXTONE offers you the best gaming equipment to experience the best gaming experience. With PLEXTONE, you get top-quality products for...



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RUNMUS is a gaming brand that focuses on the products of computer peripherals with an open-design concept, making it possible...



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Beexcellent is a company that manufactures audio equipment using cutting-edge technologies. After around ten years of research, personal consumer audio...



Best Brand

Nubwo is a Thai brand that manufactures and distributes gaming accessories along with software too. The catalog includes accessories like...



Best Brand

ONIKUMA is a gaming headset brand that provides gamers with the best sound possible. They've worked hard to improve the...



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Bengoo was established not too long ago, in 2014. They will soon be completing a decade of their establishment. They...



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QPAD is a Swedish brand of electronic goods. They manufacture gaming gadgets. Founded in 1997 by Christer Kornbak, it was...



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Music is all about sound, and it can not be enjoyed without having a piece of proper equipment that can...


Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is a gaming audio leader, offering outstanding sound quality and innovative technologies that increase performance and give gamers...



Established in 1999, SOMIC produces and develops its products to sell in the market. They were one of the earliest...



SADES goods are created with love and skill, especially for e-sports enthusiasts. They have received several patents in gaming headsets...



Kotion is a gaming-themed startup focusing on designing and producing high-quality headphones for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Kotion manufactures...



Tritton is a famous brand that has created a reputable name in the gaming products industry. The brand offers high-end...



LucidSound serves every gamer with one of the essential needs: headsets. The company provides incredible sound quality through magnificent-looking headsets....



HyperX started in 2002 with the world of technology taking significant steps. Gaming was also becoming increasingly popular during that...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Xiberia" brand also famous for?

Xiberia is known for "Gaming Headset Ps4, Pc Headset, Gamer Headphones, Gaming Headset Ps4 Wireless and Wireless Gaming Headphones With Mic" brands.

Is "Xiberia" a well known "Gaming Headphones" brand?

Xiberia is published as the most popular Gaming Headphones brand on our site. Around 2.9K buyers research about them on search engines every month.

Amid "Xiberia", "Qpad" and "LucidSound" Which one is the most recommended "Gaming Headphones" company?

LucidSound is the most researched amidst mentioned brands mostly due to its highest consumer awareness on the web. The brand is also included on nearly 7 different brand categories here on this website.

For What Reason is 'Xiberia' well known compared to other companies like PLEXTONE, Beexcellent and SADES?

Mainly because 'Xiberia' is the highly inquisitive company among search engines within all the mentioned brands. Additionally, it is covered among approximately 7 different topics such as Gaming Headset Ps4, Pc Headset and Gamer Headphones here on Brandlists.com.

Are SOMIC and Tritton similar to brands like "Xiberia"?

Definitely! Xiberia is an alternative to SOMIC and Tritton. These are famous Gaming Headset Ps4 brands.

What is the average cost for purchasing "Xiberia" brand items?

"Xiberia" is included in "Gaming Headset Ps4", that has average costing of $37, with $18 to $99 price range. Likewise the brand is also published in "Pc Headset", which has average pricing of $39, with $16 to $99 price range.