Top 30 Calculator Brands in 2024

The most popular brands for Calculator Includes Texas Instruments, Casio, Canon, Calculated Industries, VICTOR, Citizen, Sentry, Datexx, Ativa, Monroe among many others.


Texas Instruments

Popular Brand


Popular Brand

Casio is a global brand primarily famous for making timeless pieces of watches. They are experts in watchmaking because they have been doing it for a long time. However, the product range is not only exclusive to the variety of watches because they also make calculators and printers. Casio is highly skilled in making both regular and scientific calculators. The company strives for the success and happiness of its customers. The customers are the top priority in this matter.



Popular Brand

Calculated Industries

Best Brand

To develop high-quality, easy-to-use, technology-based solutions that ease students' and passionate hobbyists' work. Calculated industries manufacture calculators, apps, and digital measuring tools to speed up everyday processes. The calculator has built-in right-angle solutions with complete stair layouts, while the other type has a trig function and finds weight per volume. The products are differentiated based on the sectors; for example, real estate includes quick and easy problem-solvers that enhance professionalism.



Best Brand


Best Brand

Citizen Systems is a leading printing solutions company that makes easy-to-use and accessible products for its worldwide customers. Their products are designed to offer high performance and include items like a variety of printers like POS and Kiosk. The brand also provides all types of tools and drivers for both current and even discontinued printers. Their printing solutions are used in several industries like manufacturing and hospitality.



Best Brand

Sentry is a corporation that provides insurance. They are a mutual firm that offers small businesses and people in the United States personal and commercial property and liability insurance. Their consumer-focused strategy and innovative technologies enable us to provide competitive pricing while providing excellent customer service. They bring a practical approach to the insurance market and strive relentlessly to improve business protection measures. Their platform is built with compliance in mind, making it simple to keep track of your company's regulations.



Best Brand

A family-owned company, Datexx runs with the mission to make its customers work smarter instead of more complex. Datexx supplies...



Ativa Interactive is a firm that specializes in generating unique infographics and explainer movies for businesses and brands worldwide. Infographics...



For over 110 years, Monroe has been making commercial calculators that are widely used by financial and accounting professionals around...



Bringing back the trend of the past, Radioshack is back. They have got a new world of music and audio...



Caliber is a skateboard truck manufacturing company. This company started back in 2010. Caliber wanted to produce a truck that...



Staples is your one-stop store for all business supplies. It is the world's largest office supplies firm and a reliable...


Bazic Products

Whether it’s the school or the office, each place requires its fixed stationary items. Bazic is an internationally, globally recognized...



Olivetti is one of Italy's oldest companies. The company was founded as a typewriter manufacturer and eventually expanded into other...



Aurora Springs has been selling organic and premium honey for over a decade. They extract it from cultivated beehives, and...


Office Depot

Office Depot is your one-stop shop for everything you need to make your business run smoothly. Find the appropriate technology...




Learning Resources

Learning Resources is your one-stop-shop for fun learning toys. With over 2000 goods, they have everything teachers and parents need...





Sleep is a crucial part of a human being's well-being. Spectra is an American sleepwear brand that manufactures orthopedic mattresses....





Greenbrier Title is happy to be located in Utah County. Its mission is to deliver a one-of-a-kind and individualized service...



Brookstone is a renowned insurance company offering its services to businesses and individuals. They have a range of plans that...




Corner Office

Financial stability is a must for any business to keep functioning. Corner Office is a company that offers a range...


Rite Aid

With over 4,600 locations in 31 states and the District of Columbia, Rite Aid is one of the nation's largest...



The Craig brand is synonymous with performance and durability after more than 50 years of providing value to customers. The...



Vernier is a corporation that uses integrated hardware, software, and professional development solutions to promote STEM education. They aim to...



Sainsmart is a brand that helps empower makers to make things they are passionate about. They provide hardware supplies to...

Calculators Buying Guide

Calculators are essential tools for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to perform mathematical calculations in their day-to-day life. They come in different types and models, each with its own features and capabilities. In this buying guide, we will provide you with the information you need to choose the right calculator.

Types of Calculators

There are mainly five types of calculators:

  • Basic Calculators
  • Scientific Calculators
  • Graphing Calculators
  • Financial Calculators
  • Printing Calculators

Basic Calculators

Basic calculators are the most commonly used type of calculator. They are designed for simple arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Basic calculators have a simple interface with a display screen, numeric keys, and basic mathematical functions.

Basic calculators are ideal for students in elementary and middle school who are just starting to learn math. They can also be used as pocket calculators for simple calculations in everyday life.

Scientific Calculators

Scientific calculators are more advanced than basic calculators. They are designed for complex mathematical and scientific calculations like logarithms, trigonometry, and statistics. Scientific calculators have a wider range of functions and more memory storage than basic calculators.

Scientific calculators are essential for high school and college students studying advanced math, physics, or engineering. They are also useful for professionals in the fields of science or engineering.

Graphing Calculators

Graphing calculators are the most powerful type of calculator. They are designed for complex graphing and statistical analysis. Graphing calculators have a large display screen and a wide range of functions, including graphing, data analysis, and programming capabilities.

Graphing calculators are essential for college students studying math, physics, or engineering. They are also useful for professionals in the fields of science or engineering who need to perform complex calculations and data analysis.

Financial Calculators

Financial calculators are designed for financial professionals who need to perform calculations related to investments, loans, and mortgages. They have built-in financial functions, including interest rate calculations, present value and future value calculations, and amortization schedules.

Financial calculators are essential for financial planners, accountants, and bankers. They are also useful for individuals who need to plan their investments or manage their finances.

Printing Calculators

Printing calculators are designed for clerical workers who need to perform calculations and print out the results. They have a built-in printer that prints out the calculations as they are entered. Printing calculators are usually larger and heavier than other types of calculators.

Printing calculators are essential for office workers who need to perform calculations and maintain a printout of the results for record-keeping or documentation purposes.

Key Features to Consider

When choosing a calculator, there are several key features to consider:

  • Display:
    • Size:
    • Choose a display that is easy to read and large enough for your needs. A larger display will make it easier to read the numbers and symbols.

    • Color:
    • A color display can make it easier to distinguish between different symbols, graphs, or functions.

    • Type:
    • Choose a display type that is clear and easy to read in different lighting conditions. LCD displays are common in most calculators, while some high-end calculators use LED displays.

  • Functions:
    • Choose a calculator with the functions you need. Basic calculators have limited functions, while scientific and graphing calculators have a wide range of functions.
    • Consider the type of functions you need, such as statistical analysis, graphing, programming, or financial calculations.
  • Memory:
    • Consider the amount of memory storage you need. Scientific and graphing calculators have more memory storage than basic calculators.
    • Consider if the calculator has the ability to store and recall previous calculations.
  • Battery:
    • Check what type of battery the calculator uses. Most calculators use AA or AAA batteries, while some use rechargeable batteries.
    • Consider the battery life and whether the calculator has an automatic shut-off feature to save power.
  • Price:
    • Consider your budget when choosing a calculator.
    • Prices of calculators vary depending on the type, brand, features, and quality.
    • Basic calculators are the cheapest, while graphing calculators are the most expensive.

Top Calculator Brands

There are many brands of calculators available in the market. Here are some of the top calculator brands:

  • Texas Instruments:
  • Texas Instruments is the leading brand in calculators, especially in graphing calculators. Its products are widely used in classrooms, labs, and research centers.

  • Casio:
  • Casio is a popular brand for basic calculators and scientific calculators. It also produces graphing calculators and financial calculators.

  • HP:
  • HP is known for its high-quality graphing calculators, especially for college and professional use. Its calculators have a wide range of functions and features.

  • Sharp:
  • Sharp produces a wide range of calculators, including basic calculators, scientific calculators, financial calculators, and printing calculators.

  • Canon:
  • Canon is known for its printing calculators, which are popular in offices and businesses. It also produces basic calculators and scientific calculators.


Choosing the right calculator depends on your individual needs, budget, and preferences. Basic calculators are ideal for simple calculations and students in elementary and middle school, while scientific and graphing calculators are essential for high school and college students studying advanced math, physics, or engineering. Financial calculators are necessary for financial planners, accountants, and bankers, while printing calculators are useful for clerical workers who need to perform calculations and maintain a printout of the results.

When choosing a calculator, consider the key features, such as display, functions, memory, battery, and price. Also, choose a trusted and reliable brand, such as Texas Instruments, Casio, HP, Sharp, or Canon. By following these guidelines, you can choose the right calculator for your needs.

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