Top 31 Electric Motor Brands in 2024

The most popular brands for Electric Motor Includes Baldor, Dayton, GE, LEESON, Marathon, Siemens, Oriental Motor, General, ABB, FANUC among many others.



Popular Brand

With the support of ABB, the new and improved Baldor-Reliance product brings you the world’s finest motor with quality and reliability. Baldor brings you energy and cost-effective motors for a long-term investment. Fully focused on quality and service the brand’s mission is to provide you with top-notch products ranging from AC to DC motors, grinders, buffers, and many more. It provides flexibility and safety to meet the demand of the wide application. The advanced sales and service team is always here to help with anything you need.



Popular Brand

A global pioneer in providing top-notch electrical and locomotive components to the railroad and industrial sectors is Dayton-Phoenix Group (DPG). Due to its dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer service, DPG has been in business for over a century. The company provides premium-quality conductors, cables, insulators, switchgear, and other railway components. Through a wide range of goods and services, they focus on giving their clients the most dependable, affordable solutions accessible.



Popular Brand

GE Lighting has been leading the lighting technology industry for over 130 years. Its mission is to provide customers with a first-class smart home experience. To do so, it has created novel lighting products designed to improve one's lifestyle and the overall ambiance of the house, no matter the setting. It values innovation and reliability, which has propelled it to reach the levels of fame it has today.



Best Brand

Leeson Direct Drives & Controls is a company that serves products and solutions related to automation and industrial equipment and machines. Its product line consists of AC, DC motors, gears, drivers, and other functioning systems, and these are engineered by professionals with proper attention to the details and their functionality. This company has been growing its business on a large scale. The customers look after buying their essential industry pieces of equipment from them.



Best Brand

 Marathon's goal is to provide people with knowledge, insight, and measurement tools. From military-grade diving watches to laboratory hygrometers, they manufacture a variety of timing and measuring devices used by experts worldwide. At Marathon, they strive to create specific, accurate, and simple products. They have a choice of products tailored to your needs, whether you're a professional or recreational diver or an aspiring astronaut practicing for space travel. Its distinctive style and trusted craftsmanship have become a living legend because of its unique style and great craftsmanship. Since 1989, Marathon has designed and manufactured innovative, trustworthy, and strong equipment.



Best Brand

The 20th century saw a series of development and innovation. Infrastructural progress was also happening during this era. Every organization and industry depends on electricity and power to function, which is precisely what Siemens is known for. Siemens is a leading company that empowers enterprises with electrification and other power demands. With an experience of more than 175 years, Siemens is determined to make the world a better place with its technology and innovations.


Oriental Motor

Best Brand

Oriental Motor is a company based in Japan that manufactures motor parts and has a unique set of products of, AC Motors. Their products include AC motors and gear motors, linear actuators, cooling fans, etc. The company makes sure that the manufacturing policies go hand in hand with environmental conservation. Their main initiative is good quality and delivery. They ensure that the products are made with high quality and delivered at the earliest.



Best Brand

General Tools has been the leader in designing and developing tools specializing in precision for over a century. It highly...



ABB is a technology company that is leading in the global market. They tend to push the boundaries of technology...



FANUC is one of the oldest and most consistent players in the field of robotics and partners with DNC electronics...



Yaskawa Electric has been in the business for over a century. The company specializes in manufacturing industrial robots, motion controllers,...



WEG is a Brazilian company operating worldwide in electrical engineering, power, and automation technology, providing solutions for electric motors, variable...



Mitsubishi Electric is one of the major manufacturers in the electronic industry. The Japanese company is recognized for its fast...


Marathon Electric

Marahon Electric manufactures and retails motors and drives. the brand makes AC, DC and adjustable speed drives in further types...





SEW-EURODRIVE is the world's leading provider of power transmission products and services and manufacturer of electric motors, gear motors, gear...



A comfortable and practical study space is a must for students to learn and grow, and Smith Systems does just...



Emerson Radio is the country's oldest wholesaler of consumer electronics. They are a family-owned firm that collaborates with renowned brands...



Mabuchi Motors is a brand mainly known for excellent customer service and high-quality manufacturing motors for every automotive at a...



Bodine is a brand of electrical products. They provide various home electrical products to their customers. Customers can also directly...



Your one in all motor shop, Techtop, brings you a wide range of motors to choose from. Whether it's an...



Honey is a naturally occurring sugary substance made through the nectar extracted by bees, and producing, selling, and manufacturing raw...


TB Wood's

TB Woods has developed into a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial couplings and belted drive solutions....



RPM R/C Products is the go-to place for the roughest. RPM R/C produces the most durable and most pleasing radio-controlled...



SANYO DENKI is a brand that deals in power supply equipment like power conditioners for PV inverters, UPSs, inverters, and...



A privately held corporation in the USA called Superior Tire produces and sells tires. They are specialists in creating worn...



Providing motion control explications for the industry's transfiguration is Indramat, under the name of Indradrive. The brand is also renowned...



Maxon manufactures and distributes two-way radio and data radio equipment. Some of their excellent products are analog portable radios with...



Sumimoto is a company that excels at making tires. The company started a long time ago, and they are still...



Fuji Electric's primary activity is designing, creating, and manufacturing electricity distribution systems and equipment. For usage in power systems that...



Electric Motors Buying Guide: Find the Perfect Motor for Your Needs

If you are in the market for an electric motor, you have come to the right place. Electric motors are used in a variety of applications, from powering vehicles to running machinery in factories. With so many different types of electric motors available, choosing the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. In this electric motors buying guide, we will explain the different types of motors available, their advantages and disadvantages, and what to consider when making your purchase.

Types of Electric Motors

There are three main types of electric motors: AC (alternating current) motors, DC (direct current) motors, and stepper motors.

AC Motors

AC motors are the most common type of electric motor. They are used in a variety of applications including household appliances, industrial machinery, and electric vehicles. AC motors are known for their high efficiency and low maintenance requirements. They are also compact and have a long lifespan.

Advantages of AC Motors

  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Compact
  • Long lifespan

Disadvantages of AC Motors

  • Require an AC power source
  • More complex than DC motors

DC Motors

DC motors are typically used in applications that require high torque at low speeds, such as electric vehicles, robotics, and industrial machinery. They are also commonly used in household appliances and power tools. DC motors are known for their simplicity and ease of use. They are also highly efficient and durable.

Advantages of DC Motors

  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Highly efficient
  • Durable

Disadvantages of DC Motors

  • Require a DC power source
  • Not as efficient as AC motors at high speeds

Stepper Motors

Stepper motors are used in applications that require precise control over movement, such as robotics, 3D printers, and CNC machines. They are known for their ability to move in precise increments and their high holding torque.

Advantages of Stepper Motors

  • Precise control over movement
  • High holding torque
  • Can move in precise increments

Disadvantages of Stepper Motors

  • Not as efficient as AC or DC motors
  • Not suitable for high-speed applications

Factors to Consider

When choosing an electric motor, there are several factors to consider:


The power of an electric motor is measured in watts or horsepower. The power you need will depend on the application you are using the motor for. For example, if you are using the motor to power an electric vehicle, you will need a motor with a higher power output than if you are using it to run a small household appliance.

Voltage and Current

The voltage and current requirements of an electric motor will depend on the power source you are using. Make sure the motor you choose is compatible with your power source.


The speed of an electric motor is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). The speed you need will depend on the application you are using the motor for. For example, if you are using the motor to power a vehicle, you will need a motor with a higher RPM than if you are using it to run machinery in a factory.


The torque of an electric motor is the amount of force it can exert on an object. The amount of torque you need will depend on the application you are using the motor for. For example, if you are using the motor to power a vehicle, you will need a motor with a higher torque output than if you are using it to run machinery in a factory.

Enclosure Type

The enclosure type of an electric motor refers to the housing that surrounds the motor. There are several different enclosure types available, including open drip-proof, totally enclosed fan-cooled, and explosion-proof. The enclosure type you choose will depend on the environment the motor will be used in.

Mounting Type

The mounting type of an electric motor refers to the way the motor is attached to its application. There are several different mounting types available, including flange, foot, and face. The mounting type you choose will depend on the application you are using the motor for.


Choosing the right electric motor for your needs can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. By considering the factors outlined in this electric motors buying guide, you can find the perfect motor for your application. Whether you need a high power output for an electric vehicle or you require precise control over movement for a CNC machine, there is an electric motor out there that will meet your needs.

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