Acor is a sporting equipment manufacturing firm that uses cutting-edge technology to create the most durable, appealing, and original designs. They have hubs, chains for cycles and bikes, headsets, brakes, and bike disc rotors. It sells accessories such as purses, bells, and lights; they ship these goods with warranty inspections to 20 countries worldwide. As a result, these tools benefit everyone and can aid with challenges. Their eye-catching patterns make it appealing to youngsters as well.

Top Acor Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Acor Includes Velo Orange, BBB, Origin8, Fibrax, XLC, Kool-Stop, BARADINE, TRP, Brompton, Ashima among many others.


Velo Orange

Popular Brand

Velo Orange offers components and accessories for bicycles. The company is dedicated to serving customers with high-quality gear and equipment...



Popular Brand

BBB Cycling is a young and lively company specializing in designing, manufacturing, and distributing more excellent cycling gear. They're out...



Popular Brand

ORIGIN 8 is a manufacturer of the best quality, low-cost cycling components. They continue to create parts for the main...



Best Brand

It’s been hundred years since Fibrax has been serving the automotive market with its products and services. It’s a company...



Best Brand

XLC believes that biking cannot be described as a sport; it is a lifestyle. The brand offers everything you require...



Best Brand

Kool Stop International - High Performance Bicycle Brake Pads Since 1977



Best Brand

BARADINE manufactures brake pads and cables for both road and mountain bikes. All products are made of more fantastic EPDM...



Best Brand

The most environmentally friendly vehicle that has always been in the limelight is the bicycle which only runs smoothly when...



Brompton is a UK-based company that manufactures innovative folding bikes. The engineers here create unique and effective cycles with a...



Ashima is a brand that is synonymous when it comes to R&D and providing its customers with the best in...



Token is a boon to the cyclist enthusiast community. They deal in bicycle accessories primarily aimed at the high-performance niches...



Suspension is a key component of the entire experience of biking that ties together all the different parts of the...



Jagwire is an innovative and top-notch company producing accessories for bicycle brakes and shifting systems and is known as a...



Tektro has been into the bicycle business creating the best quality braking systems for the past 30 years. Because of...



Tioga is a company that does not have a lot of experience under its belt, but they do know what...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is 'Acor' more popular compared to identical brands like Origin8, TRP and TEKTRO?

Mainly because 'Acor' is the most seached brand on the Internet within all of the mentioned companies. On top of that, it is enlisted among more than 7 related topics such as Bike Bells, Bike Horns and Kids Bike Bell here on

What is the "Acor" brand famous for?

Acor is also reputed for "Bike Bells, Bike Horns, Kids Bike Bell, Bike Handlebar Extension and Presta Valve Adapter" brands.

Are BARADINE and Brompton identical to companies like "Acor"?

Definitely! Acor is similar to BARADINE and Brompton. They are known Bike Bells brands.

What is the mean cost for purchasing "Acor" brand products?

"Acor" is categorized in "Bike Bells", which has average pricing of $11, with $3 to $32 price range. Likewise the brand is also featured in "Bike Horns", that has average costing of $13, with $6 to $32 price range.

What are some similar brands like "Acor"?

Some leading similar brands to "Acor" are "XLC, SR, BARADINE, Jagwire and Tioga in random order.

Out of "Acor", "TRP" and "Token" Which one is the well known "Bike Parts" company?

Token is the most searched within mentioned companies mostly due to its highest search popularity on the Internet. Token also included on around 7 similar brand lists here on