The most environmentally friendly vehicle that has always been in the limelight is the bicycle which only runs smoothly when the products are of a decent standard. This standard is maintained by the Taiwan-based brand TRP. Their goods are categorized based on terrain, category, and discipline. They sell brakes, rotors, pads, adapters, and even replacement parts, which are essential parts of the bicycles that run on different terrains.

Top TRP Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to TRP Includes TEKTRO, Avid, Magura, Ashima, SwissStop, Zoom, Jagwire, Kool-Stop, Weinmann, Fibrax among many others.



Popular Brand

Tektro has been into the bicycle business creating the best quality braking systems for the past 30 years. Because of...



Popular Brand

Avid Cycles is a family-run motorcycle parts and accessories shop that serves the upper desert. Avid Cycles, founded in 2010,...



Popular Brand

Magura is a long-running company, which was established back in 1893. Riding is fun but it is important to have...



Best Brand

Ashima is a brand that is synonymous when it comes to R&D and providing its customers with the best in...



Best Brand

SwissStop offers gear and equipment for bicycles. Bicycle racing is an important event for an athlete, but the stress of...



Best Brand

Zoomo is a renowned electric bike company offering bikes on lease to make local travel more accessible and cheaper. They...



Best Brand

Jagwire is an innovative and top-notch company producing accessories for bicycle brakes and shifting systems and is known as a...



Best Brand

Kool Stop International - High Performance Bicycle Brake Pads Since 1977



Weinmann has brought new designs based on market demand and pro riders' requirements that give customers a better ride. The...



It’s been hundred years since Fibrax has been serving the automotive market with its products and services. It’s a company...



The first shopping you do for your child is the toys and clothes. The first toy of your child always...



Acor is a sporting equipment manufacturing firm that uses cutting-edge technology to create the most durable, appealing, and original designs....



BARADINE manufactures brake pads and cables for both road and mountain bikes. All products are made of more fantastic EPDM...



Sram is a bicycle parts manufacturing company selling products like brakes and shifters of high quality at reasonable prices. The...



KCNC is a bike parts and accessories brand. The products are notable for their lightness and sturdiness, making the bicycle...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost for purchasing "TRP" brand items?

"TRP" is included in "Disc Brakes", that has mean costing of $40, with $16 to $164 price range. Likewise the brand is also featured in "Hydraulic Brakes", which has mean pricing of $42, with $7 to $351 price range.

Are SwissStop and Kool-Stop alternative to companies like "TRP"?

Definitely! TRP is an alternative to SwissStop and Kool-Stop. They are popular Disc Brakes brands.

Why is 'TRP' very popular compared to other companies like TEKTRO, Avid and Weinmann?

Mainly because 'TRP' is the most inquisitive brand on the web within all the mentioned companies. Furthermore, it is added among approximately 6 identical topics such as Disc Brakes, Hydraulic Brakes and Disc Brake Adapter here on Brandlists.

Is "TRP" a famous "Bike Parts" brand?

TRP is featured as a reputed Bike Parts company on Nearly 110K people find about the company on the web monthly.

What are various similar companies like "TRP"?

Some of the best equivalent brands to "TRP" are "Avid, SwissStop, DIA-COMPE, Kool-Stop and Weinmann in random order.

Between "TRP", "Zoom" and "BARADINE" Which one is the most popular "Bike Parts" brand?

Zoom is the most searched within mentioned companies generally due to its higher brand awareness on the Internet. Zoom also included on approximately 6 similar brand lists here on Brandlists.