Hair Food

Hair Food provides guilt-free nourishment to your hair. Their products are sulfate, paraben, and cruelty-free. They believe that what you put on your hair is equally important as what you eat. Their products consist of superfood ingredients inspired by clean kitchen-crafted recipes. They offer Curl Defining products that help all those with curly hair tame frizz and revive their curls without thoroughly soaking their hair. Their Colour Protect SHampp & Conditioner infused with white nectarine, and luscious pear helps to protect and cleanse your hair.

Top Hair Food Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Hair Food Includes Renpure, Loma, Hask, OGX, Perfect Hair, Pureology, Nexxus, Carol's Daughter, Hair Chemist, Peter Coppola among many others.



Popular Brand

Renpure is a skin and hair care company that believes a plant can do better than everything a chemical can...



Popular Brand

Loma is a body and hair care brand that believes in openness and directness, which means that all its products...



Popular Brand

HASK-Hair and Skin Solutions is a brand of hair care products. They sell products that contain natural and exotic oils...



Best Brand

To pioneer innovation, OGX is on a mission. The company offers various organically based solutions with unique technology, inspired by...


Perfect Hair

Best Brand

Everyone loves shiny, healthy hair, but only few are gifted with that desired mane. Perfect Hair are the oldest player...



Best Brand

Pureology is a cosmetic company that creates and sells the best hair care line globally. Their primary goal is to...



Best Brand

Nexxus was founded back in 1979 by cosmologist Jheri Redding. Your hair is made up of 90% protein. Therefore, protein...


Carol's Daughter

Best Brand

Carlo’s Daughter is a hair, body, and skincare products dealing brand. They aim to bring supremely qualified and effective products...


Hair Chemist

Hair Chemist makes hair care products using oils and other natural ingredients to solve common hair problems like dry scalp,...


Peter Coppola

Peter Coppola is a hair and hair treatment company. They contain two products: one for regular customers and the other...


Kristin ESS

Undeniably, hair plays a significant part in your physical appearance and, thereby, the first impression. Kristin ESS helps one in...



Having gorgeous and luscious hair is a dream for every woman. Make this dream of yours come true with Verb....


One 'n Only

One 'n Only is a hair care company that makes products to suit your natural hair. The beauty lies in...



Theorie's purpose is to make your beauty experience better. They produce remarkable formulae, products, and hair products collections by combining...



Using Waterless Hair Care products, you can style your hair without water. As the brand's name states, it was established...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hask and One 'n Only comparable to brands like "Hair Food"?

Mostly yes! Hair Food is an alternative to Hask and One 'n Only. The three are popular Sulphate Free Shampoo brands.

What are some alternative brands like "Hair Food"?

Some top comparable brands to "Hair Food" are "Loma, OGX, Hair Chemist, Kristin ESS and Verb in arbitrary order.

Between "Hair Food", "Nexxus" and "One 'n Only" Which one is the well sought after "Sulfate Free Shampoo" brand?

Hair Food is very popular between mentioned companies mainly due to its total web popularity on the web. The company is also published on around 4 other brand lists here on this website.

Why Is "Hair Food" an admired "Sulfate Free Shampoo" company?

Hair Food is ranked as the best Sulfate Free Shampoo company on this website. About 40K consumers explore about the company on Google every month.

For What Reason is 'Hair Food' more reputed compared to identical companies like OGX, Perfect Hair and Theorie?

Probably because 'Hair Food' is the most seached brand on the Internet within all the mentioned companies. Over and above that, it is enlisted among nearly 4 related categories such as Sulphate Free Shampoo, Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo and Shea Moisture here on Brandlists.

What is the mean price for buying "Hair Food" brand products?

"Hair Food" is included in "Sulphate Free Shampoo", that has mean pricing of $16, with $2 to $38 price range. Likewise the brand is also featured in "Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo", that has median costing of $14, with $7 to $44 price range.