HASK-Hair and Skin Solutions is a brand of hair care products. They sell products that contain natural and exotic oils from around the world. Their products include shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, colors, etc. All are made from 100% natural and harmless products. Their formula is curated to treat every type of hair problem to provide the best possible nourishment to hair. Celebrities and hairstylists choose their products in the Hollywood film and television industry due to their professional-level quality. Hask is an environmentally friendly brand, and its products are cruelty-free.

Top Hask Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Hask Includes OGX, Herbal Essences, Loma, BioSilk, Pantene, Verb, Nexxus, Renpure, Bain de Terre, Silicon Mix among many others.



Popular Brand

To pioneer innovation, OGX is on a mission. The company offers various organically based solutions with unique technology, inspired by...


Herbal Essences

Popular Brand

Shampoos, conditioners, and hair oils are the required haircare products, but the real and natural ingredients create better solutions for...



Popular Brand

Loma is a body and hair care brand that believes in openness and directness, which means that all its products...



Best Brand

Get the best hair care treatment with Biosilk. Home to the best hair care products, Biosilk aims to make your...



Best Brand

Women's hair care and style products from Pantene are among the best in the world. They invented many of the...



Best Brand

Having gorgeous and luscious hair is a dream for every woman. Make this dream of yours come true with Verb....



Best Brand

Nexxus was founded back in 1979 by cosmologist Jheri Redding. Your hair is made up of 90% protein. Therefore, protein...



Best Brand

Renpure is a skin and hair care company that believes a plant can do better than everything a chemical can...


Bain de Terre

Bain de Terre by Shiseido is a luxury hair care company with a broad range of styling products, including shampoos,...


Silicon Mix

The most popular and well-known hair care line in the Dominican Republic is called Silicon Mix, and the company invented...





Tresemme is a hair care brand that makes all kinds of hair care products for the different needs of different...


Hair Food

Hair Food provides guilt-free nourishment to your hair. Their products are sulfate, paraben, and cruelty-free. They believe that what you...


Malibu C


Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin is a brand created by world-leading colorist Christophe Robin with a perspective on hair and scalp health. It...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mean cost for purchasing "Hask" brand products?

"Hask" is listed in "Sulfate Free Shampoo", which has median costing of $13, with $2 to $38 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also listed in "Coconut Shampoo", which has mean pricing of $13, with $4 to $29 price range.

Is "Hask" a popular "Sulfate Free Shampoo" company?

Hask is listed as the most famous Sulfate Free Shampoo company on our website. Nearly 18K buyers search about the company on Google per month.

Are Herbal Essences and Bain de Terre comparable to companies like "Hask"?

Mostly yes! Hask is an alternative to Herbal Essences and Bain de Terre. These are popular Sulfate Free Shampoo brands.

Out of "Hask", "Loma" and "BIO KERATIN" Which one is the well known "Sulfate Free Shampoo" brand?

Loma is the most searched amidst mentioned companies mostly due to its total consumer awareness on the web. The company is also included on nearly 26 other brand lists here on our site.

What is the "Hask" brand also known for?

Hask is also famous for "Sulfate Free Shampoo, Coconut Shampoo, Argan Oil, Argan Oil Hair and Protein Conditioner" brands.

What are several related companies like "Hask"?

Some of the best related brands to "Hask" are "Renpure, Bain de Terre, Silicon Mix, TRESemmé and Christophe Robin in not any particular order.