Lady Jayne

Lady Jayne was established in 1928. Lady Jayne is well on their way to gaining 100 years of experience. A hair accessories brand boasts about its quality hair styling tools. Several brushes, combs, and other styling accessories can be found. You can get the latest hair styling tools and accessories to help you keep up with the latest trends. They have also incorporated the latest technology into their products. Lady Jayne also releases certain seasonal products throughout the year.

Top Lady Jayne Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Lady Jayne Includes Goody, The Wet Brush, Glitz4Girlz, Mason Pearson, Denman, Spornette, DiCesare, Tangle Teezer, Olivia Garden, Kodo among many others.



Popular Brand

Goody has been established quite recently. They are a company focused on hair products. You can find pins, scrunchies, and...


The Wet Brush

Popular Brand

The Wet Brush offers gadgets in the haircare category for maintaining appropriate hair health. The detangler from their line is...



Popular Brand

Glitz4Girlz is a brand that sells a remarkable collection of accessories and jewelry for women. It has a vast range...


Mason Pearson

Best Brand

Keep hair breakage and detangling at bay with Mason Pearson, a haircare luxury brand. Unravel a variety of hairbrushes with...



Best Brand

A good hair day is said to make a day more cheerful and brighter for men, women, and kids but...



Best Brand

Spornette is a beauty tool company that provides the best brushes to create stunning makeup looks. They make and craft...



Best Brand

DiCesare Haircare is an organic company focused on finding the best ingredients for their paraben-free products and using high-quality natural...


Tangle Teezer

Best Brand

Tangle Teezer is known for developing a quick and straightforward hairbrush that detangles hair without dragging or pulling. They utilize...


Olivia Garden

Olivia Garden, established in 1967 by Jean & Micheline Rennette in Li├Ęge, Belgium, is a leading hair styling and hairdressing...



Kodo hair care has an innovative mix of Natural Ingredients and Grapeseed Oil to revitalize all hair textures. Botswana and...



Kitsch and Color is a US brand that sells products related to home decor, wall art, stationaries, accessories, and gift...


France Luxe

There's a market for every fashion accessory that comes to your mind. Fashion is something that metaphorically puts up a...


Alexandre de Paris

Driven by the urge to popularize Made in France in the beauty domain worldwide, Alexandre De Paris commits itself to...



Encouraging women across all nations to embrace their selves in the manner they appreciate without the suave barrier is the...



HairArt grabbed their ticket to fame with their pure European hair mannequin heads for their customers. This has helped educators,...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Denman and Spornette alternative to companies like "Lady Jayne"?

Yes! Lady Jayne is comparable to Denman and Spornette. All are known Detangler Hair Brush brands.

Out of "Lady Jayne", "Mason Pearson" and "Spornette" Which one is the well sought after "Hair Women" company?

Mason Pearson is the most sought after amidst mentioned companies generally due to its higher brand visibility on the web. Mason Pearson also included on nearly 12 other brand lists here on

Why is 'Lady Jayne' more reputed compared to other brands like Mason Pearson, Tangle Teezer and HairArt?

The Reason is 'Lady Jayne' is the highly inquisitive company on the Internet within all four brands. Additionally, it is featured among nearly 12 number of topics such as Detangler Hair Brush, Bobby Pins and Fine Comb here on our database.

What is the standard cost for purchasing "Lady Jayne" brand products?

"Lady Jayne" is listed in "Detangler Hair Brush", that has mean pricing of $11, with $4 to $20 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also featured in "Bobby Pins", that has mean costing of $7, with $2 to $14 price range.

What is the "Lady Jayne" brand famous for?

Lady Jayne is also popular for "Detangler Hair Brush, Bobby Pins, Fine Comb, Fine Tooth Comb and Pocket Comb" companies.

What are various related companies like "Lady Jayne"?

Some leading related brands to "Lady Jayne" are "The Wet Brush, Glitz4Girlz, Denman, Tangle Teezer and Alexandre de Paris in not any particular order.