Lyle & Scott

Lyle and Scott is a cloth ware brand. They have been around for some time. The company excels at making high-quality products for men, women, and children. You can also find a number of accessories along with the clothes. Lyle and Scott celebrate fashion with the latest trends. You can also find sports-specific clothing in their inventory. This includes specific clothes for golf and other sports. Lyle and Scott keeps on adding to the collection.

Top Lyle & Scott Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Lyle & Scott Includes Merc, JACK & JONES, Aeronautica Militare, No Fear, Fred Perry, Sergio Tacchini, Ben Sherman, GANT, Lambretta, ellesse among many others.



Popular Brand

Merc believes in redesigning, rediscovering, and remodeling the outfits per every generation's demands. The brand has been styling people since...



Popular Brand

JACK & JONES is a brand that values quality and quality. It's your one-stop shop for more excellent menswear blends...


Aeronautica Militare

Popular Brand

A leading name in opulent military apparel is Aeronautica Militare. With more than 70 years of experience, they provide an...


No Fear

Best Brand

No fear is a brand created for adventure sports lovers. Starting with a line of shirts in 1989 with quotes...


Fred Perry

Best Brand

Sergio Tacchini

Best Brand

Founded by the legendary Italian tennis star Sergio Tacchini in 1966, the name label brand has served its customers with...


Ben Sherman

Best Brand

Ben Sherman, a fashion company, aims to improve everyone's wardrobe and minds. Their design assortment includes unique pieces like the...



Best Brand

GANT is a customer-focused firm that focuses on increasing the production of well-designed clothes. They are constantly exploring innovative methods...



Innocenti, a company based in Milan, Italy, produces Lambretta scooters. The Lambretta was the most popular motor scooter in the...



The Italian-based sportswear manufacturer Ellesse focuses on creating and dispensing athletic apparel, workout gear, and footwear. Its items aim at...


Emporio Armani Ea7

Fashion is nothing without luxury for many. And luxury is nothing without its buyers and admirers. There are so many...





Kitaro is a trustworthy fashion name that creates strong men's clothes. They are well-known for their extensive product line, including...



Fashion and style are always growing and way ahead of time. The way a person dresses is considered a reflection...



OBEY is a line of casual wear designed predominantly for the young audience. The clothing line is supplemented with a...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fred Perry and Aeronautica Militare alternative to brands like "Lyle & Scott"?

Surely! Lyle & Scott is related to Fred Perry and Aeronautica Militare. All are leading Skinny Joggers Men brands.

Where is Lyle & Scott from? How large the brand is?

The Lyle & Scott is London, United Kingdom based firm launched in 1874. The 148 old Apparel & Fashion firm having about 50 to 200 staff as of today working with them.

Amid "Lyle & Scott", "Merc" and "Emporio Armani Ea7" Which one is the most admired "Men's Clothes" company?

Merc is the most searched within mentioned brands primarily due to its higher consumer awareness on the Internet. The company is also listed on approximately 6 other brand lists here on this website.

What is the standard price for ordering "Lyle & Scott" brand items?

"Lyle & Scott" is published in "Skinny Joggers Men", that has average pricing of $26, with $12 to $69 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also published in "Trekking Jacket", that has median pricing of $92, with $20 to $475 price range.

Is "Lyle & Scott" a renowend "Men's Clothes" company?

Lyle & Scott is featured as the best Men's Clothes company on this website. Nearly 135K people research about the company online monthly.

For What Reason is 'Lyle & Scott' well known compared to identical brands like Merc, Sergio Tacchini and Emporio Armani Ea7?

Because 'Lyle & Scott' is the most sought after company among shoppers out of all of the mentioned brands. Also, it is ranked among close to 6 number of lists such as Skinny Joggers Men, Trekking Jacket and Fr Hoodie here on our website.