Credibility and reliability go connected at the hip with the most innovative health and well-being brand, Philips. There are presumably very few people who have yet not given a shot at this brand, for it has been the most promising label for all personal, healthcare, and automotive products. With service operations in hundreds of countries, it delivers worldwide along with astonishing offers and a 30-day return guarantee.

Top Philips Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Philips Includes SYLVANIA, OSRAM, StreetGlow, PIAA, Nokya, Anzo, Thorn, ICBEAMER, Putco, Cree among many others.



Popular Brand

Sylvania is world’s leading lighting brand. They don't only design great lights but also offers various lighting solutions such as...



Popular Brand

Osram is a company working towards optical solutions and endeavors to improve sensor and light technologies. It takes pride in...



Popular Brand


Best Brand

PIAA is the leading manufacturer of automotive lighting technology. They are dedicated to improving your driving experience while offering the...



Best Brand

Nokya is the automotive lighting expert setting new benchmarks by offering a complete range of innovative and top-quality lights for...



Best Brand

AnzoUSA is an American company that specializes in performance lighting. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technologies create lighting...



Best Brand

The sister company of St. John's Street Cycle, Thorn Cycles manufactures touring bicycles and tandem bicycles and calls itself one...



Best Brand

Your one-stop internet shop for all of your car's lighting requirements is ICBEAMER. They provide many items, ranging from premium...



A renowned leading supplier, designer, and manufacturer of prime automotive and truck accessories, known for quality goods, is located in...



Cree is your one-stop LED lighting solution provider. They provide eco-friendly and energy-efficient items that are ideal for brightening up...



GE Lighting has been leading the lighting technology industry for over 130 years. Its mission is to provide customers with...


Eagle Eyes

Eagle Eyes is a game-changing new technology that uses nanotechnology to shield your eyes from damaging UV radiation. They think...


CEC Industries

CEC Industries offer over fifteen hundred products in the lighting segment. The company deals in miniature, halogen, neon, LED lamps,...


Spyder Auto

Spyder Auto provides automotive components that elevate your car's appearance. They offer excellent lighting solutions for automobiles, including crystal headlights...



The Greek company "Bright" was founded in 1989. The company offers a range of products from Spotlight to Pendant lights...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are StreetGlow and PIAA similar to companies like "Philips"?

Undeniably! Philips is similar to StreetGlow and PIAA. All are popular Head Lights brands.

Among "Philips", "Anzo" and "PIAA" Which one is the most admired "Head Lights" company?

Philips is the most researched among mentioned brands generally due to its overall web popularity on the web. Philips also included on nearly 368 other brand categories here on our site.

Why Is "Philips" a renowend "Head Lights" company?

Philips is ranked as a well known Head Lights brand on Brandlists. Around 1.8M buyers find about the brand on Google monthly.

What are various comparable companies like "Philips"?

Some major related brands to "Philips" are "SYLVANIA, Anzo, Nokya, Putco and Spyder Auto in arbitrary order.

How is 'Philips' more reputed compared to identical companies like Anzo, Cree and Spyder Auto?

Mainly because 'Philips' is the most inquisitive product manufacturer online out of all the mentioned companies. Over and above that, it is ranked among nearly 368 similar topics such as Head Lights, Philips Headlight Bulbs and Light Bulbs here on Brandlists.

What is the standard price for purchasing "Philips" brand products?

"Philips" is listed in "Head Lights", which has mean costing of $108, with $19 to $402 price range. Likewise the brand is also featured in "Philips Headlight Bulbs", that has average costing of $40, with $10 to $140 price range.