XP Power

Technology has supported the railway and health system with great efforts. Even the industrial sector depends mainly on technology. XP Power brings the power solution to the people with their advanced products, which are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Some products are even widely used in the laboratory and defense sector. Board mount and power supply tools are the major items brought.

Top XP Power Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to XP Power Includes Artesyn, TRACOPOWER, Cosel, Phihong, Vicor, Murata, MEAN WELL, Acopian, Wall Industries, Powers among many others.



Popular Brand

Artesyn has long committed to culminating power for its worldwide clients. The company plan and assemble exceptionally designed, real power...



Popular Brand

The Traco Power Group was established in 1944 by Mr. Hans Caspar. The primary organization was Traco Trading Company Limited....



Popular Brand

COSEL Co., Ltd is one of the primary makers and deals of electrical parts and EMI channels, established by Masato...



Best Brand

With annual revenue of 500 million dollars, Phihong, a Taiwan-based power technology company, is a global leader in the power...



Best Brand

Power conversion solutions from Vicor Power are designed to be efficient at all times. It doesn't matter if innovative machines...



Best Brand

Murata Manufacturing is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic components. It is a leading manufacturer of ceramic filters, high-frequency parts, and...



Best Brand

Lighting makes a big difference to the ambiance of the place. In events or just an evening out in the...



Best Brand

Power Supplies are a vital element in various sectors of industries. When it comes to the best power supply solutions,...


Wall Industries

Wall Industries develops the best power supply units, AC-DC converters, and other power conversion hardware used in various applications. These...



Powers is a brand of power tools and accessories such as power fasteners and mechanical anchoring items. These products are...



Drok is a company that specializes in providing DC power supply solutions to customers on a global level through its...



Successful businesses understand the importance of an intelligent supplier relationship in delivering innovative items to their markets on time. Microchip...



Cincon is the go-to company for powerful power conversion products. Industry-standard high-quality products are engineered from things such as LED,...



The experience of sound with Triad speakers is an unforgettable one that leaves you with a passion for music and...


Analog Devices

Analog devices connect the digital and physical worlds by converting information into action and significantly improving people's lives. Their technologies...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mean price for ordering "XP Power" brand products?

"XP Power" is categorized in "Voltage Regulators", that has median costing of $32, with $9 to $199 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also published in "Dc Voltage Regulator", the category has average costing of $23, with $6 to $89 price range.

Are Powers and Cincon related to companies like "XP Power"?

Certainly! XP Power is comparable to Powers and Cincon. The three are known Voltage Regulators brands.

What is the "XP Power" brand famous for?

XP Power is also popular for "Voltage Regulators, Dc Voltage Regulator, Ac Dc Converter, Voltage Regulator 12V and Power Regulator" companies.

How is 'XP Power' more famous compared to similar companies like Vicor, Murata and Cincon?

The Reason is 'XP Power' is the most inquisitive company among search engines out of all the mentioned brands. Additionally, it is featured among more than 5 identical topics such as Voltage Regulators, Dc Voltage Regulator and Ac Dc Converter here on Brandlists.

Is "XP Power" a popular "Voltage Regulators" brand?

XP Power is published as the best Voltage Regulators brand on Brandlists.com. Estimated 6.6K consumers search about the company on search engines every month.

Where is XP Power from? How big the brand is?

The XP Power is Singapore, United States based company begun their journey in 1988. The 34 old Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing company having roughtly 1000 to 5000 staff today working for them.