Top 30 Temperature Control Brands in 2024

The most popular brands for Temperature Control Includes Omron, Honeywell, Watlow, Autonics, Siemens, Johnson Controls, Chromalox, United Electric Controls, Foxboro, Yokogawa among many others.



Popular Brand

Omron Industrial Automation offers automation systems that support reliable production, quality control, and effective assembly procedures. Based on the human body's sense of touch, they also offer integrated solutions for systems, tools, and software. They provide top-quality innovations for all market categories in a world of rapidly changing technology and changing business needs. They created their complete automation solutions with you in mind. With years of expertise collaborating with manufacturers worldwide, Omron is dedicated to giving you products that raise the bar for manufacturing quality.



Popular Brand

Development is not a new term that was introduced recently but was in existence for a long period. The success of every business and its associates always leads to the development of society. Honeywell is one of the leading groups of companies that ensure such progress through their invaluable services. They primarily offer their services in businesses like technologies, building, aerospace, etc. Honeywell is also responsible for offering productivity solutions for such companies.



Popular Brand

Watlow provides urban heating solutions to leading industries in multiple sectors. The company set out to constantly improve its technology and provide sustainable and renewable solutions to companies. Some of their services include managing greenhouse gases and taking care of nuclear power generation. They ensure to deliver only the best service to their clients and improve their principles with each service. The company also has various resources and support systems for smooth flow.



Best Brand

Autonics is a leading provider of sensing technology and automation solutions with a global distribution network. Their objective is to continue expanding on this foundation by adding different sensor technologies to their portfolio, ensuring they produce the most creative solutions for their clients. It is dedicated to offering the most excellent solutions for its clients via innovative technologies, quality production techniques, and exceptional customer service. From machine builders to OEMs and system integrators to end-users, Autonics has the right product at the right price for you.



Best Brand

The 20th century saw a series of development and innovation. Infrastructural progress was also happening during this era. Every organization and industry depends on electricity and power to function, which is precisely what Siemens is known for. Siemens is a leading company that empowers enterprises with electrification and other power demands. With an experience of more than 175 years, Siemens is determined to make the world a better place with its technology and innovations.


Johnson Controls

Best Brand


Best Brand

To develop advanced thermal engineering and technologies, Chromalox is the perfect website. The products include cables suitable for maintenance and work with the most demanding and complex applications. It consists of commercial heat trace with a self-regulating polymer that reduces abrasion and abuse on cables. Thermwire heat trace cables penetrate the roof surface and break gutters subject to below-freezing temperatures. Storage tank heaters are heat sensitive that offer a unique design electric system.


United Electric Controls

Best Brand


Foxboro Bike provides bikes, parts, wheels, and helmets with you during coverage if you have the very start of cycling....



Yokogawa is a tech company that provides solutions regarding industrial automation, tests, and measurement. They have a professional team of...





TempCo manufactures electric heating elements, power & temperature control systems, temperature systems, and products & process heating systems. Their Electric...



Fuji Electric's primary activity is designing, creating, and manufacturing electricity distribution systems and equipment. For usage in power systems that...



ABB is a technology company that is leading in the global market. They tend to push the boundaries of technology...


Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has always strived to create a varied range of products of the highest quality in its entire term...



Since 1974, Keyence has steadily risen to become a global leader in the design and manufacture of factory automation and...



FANUC is one of the oldest and most consistent players in the field of robotics and partners with DNC electronics...



The Newport Daily News is Southern New England's local news and information source. Local news, sports, business, politics, features, and...



Dwyer is the most growing brand in technology that has enhanced computer software incorporated with the measuring system that has...



Danfoss started its roots in 1993. The founder of the company is Mads Clausen. They provide robust solutions to a...



Yaskawa Electric has been in the business for over a century. The company specializes in manufacturing industrial robots, motion controllers,...





Barksdale, a brand founded in 1949, manufactures control products to assist you in operating your machines and automobiles. This company...



Rittal has been manufacturing electrical enclosures for industrial use since 1961. The brand is known for its effective and efficient...



Hoffman bikes is a UK-based company that offers a wide array of BMX complete bikes. Manufacturing frames, forks, stems, grips,...



Warning you against unreliable temperature measurement and pressure products and enabling you with reliable and secure ones instead, Ashcroft is...



Powers is a brand of power tools and accessories such as power fasteners and mechanical anchoring items. These products are...



SMC is a candle company that takes pride in manufacturing the best quality, handcrafted candles. They have something for everyone...



Nordson is a pioneer in precision dispensing, fluid management, and related technologies. They design, manufacture, and sell dispensing equipment, instrumentation,...



AutomationDirect is an industrial solution manufacturing company. The company provides a range of solutions such as industrial software, controllers, and...

Temperature Control Buying Guide

Temperature control is an essential aspect of maintaining a comfortable environment in modern homes. Temperature regulation not only ensures that you remain comfortable, but also helps preserve the longevity of electrical equipment, food, and other household items. With a wide range of heating, cooling, and air conditioning equipment present in the market, it's vital to understand the different types of temperature control equipment so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Here is a temperature control buying guide that will help you choose the right device for your home.

Types of Temperature Control Equipment

There are three main types of temperature control equipment:

  1. Thermostats
  2. Temperature Controllers
  3. Humidistats


Thermostats are temperature devices that monitor the room temperature and adjust the heating or cooling system accordingly. There are three main types of thermostats:

  • Manual thermostats:
  • These thermostats allow you to set the desired temperature manually. Once the desired temperature is set, the heating or cooling system will turn on and off as needed to maintain the set temperature. Manual thermostats are basic devices that are easy to use.

  • Programmable thermostats:
  • These thermostats allow you to set different temperatures for different times of the day. They are excellent for regulating the temperature while you are at home, away, or asleep. Programmable thermostats will save you energy and money because you can set the temperature to be lower when no one is at home which could save you up to 30% on your energy bills.

  • Smart thermostats:
  • These are the latest technology in thermostats. They work with both Wi-Fi and smartphones, allowing you to control the temperature remotely. They are also programmable, and you can set your thermostat to automatically adjust to the weather outside. Smart thermostats are excellent for those who want complete control over their home environment.

Temperature Controllers

Temperature controllers measure the temperature of an element and turn a heating or cooling device on or off to maintain the desired temperature. You can use temperature controllers to control temperature in various devices, including ovens, refrigerators, and incubators. Some of the most common temperature controllers include:

  • Digital Temperature Controllers:
  • These are controllers that use digital displays to show the temperature accurately. Digital temperature controllers are known for their high accuracy and readability. They are also easy to configure and can be used in various applications.

  • Analog Temperature Controllers:
  • These are controllers that use dials and gauges to set and monitor temperature. They are easy to use and have a lower cost than digital temperature controllers. Analog temperature controllers are perfect for applications that don’t require high precision.

  • Microprocessor Temperature Controllers:
  • These are the most advanced temperature controllers in the market. They use microprocessors to control temperature, making them highly precise and flexible. Microprocessor temperature controllers are perfect for applications that require high precision, such as scientific research.


Humidistats are devices that measure the relative humidity in the air and adjust the moisture level to maintain a comfortable living environment. Here are the most common types of humidistats:

  • Digital Humidistats:
  • These humidistats use digital displays to show the humidity accurately. They are user-friendly and easy to set up. Digital humidistats are suitable for use in various applications, including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and HVAC systems.

  • Analog Humidistats:
  • These types of humidistats use dials and gauges to set and monitor humidity. They are cheaper than digital humidistats, making them ideal for those on a budget.

  • Microprocessor Humidistats:
  • These are the most advanced humidistats. They use microprocessors to control humidity, which makes them highly precise and accurate. Microprocessor humidistats are usually used in critical applications such as research facilities or data centres.

Features to look for when buying Temperature Control Equipment

Before buying temperature control equipment, there are some features you should consider:


Different temperature control devices can perform different functions. For example, thermostats can control the temperature in your home or office, whereas temperature controllers can control the temperature in a particular element, such as a refrigerator. Before buying a temperature control device, consider the intended function carefully.


The accuracy of the temperature control device is critical because it determines how well the device can regulate the temperature. The accuracy level of the device usually depends on the type of device and the manufacturer. For example, smart thermostats are highly accurate and can adjust to the slightest changes in temperature, whereas manual thermostats may not be as precise. If you require high precision, consider buying a highly accurate device such as a microprocessor temperature controller or a smart thermostat.


The ease of use of temperature control equipment is vital, especially if you're buying the device for home use. Consider buying a device with a user-friendly interface and simple programming options. Smart thermostats are known for their user-friendliness, while manual thermostats are pretty straightforward to use.

Type of device

Consider the type of device you need before buying temperature control equipment. For example, thermostats are suitable for use in regulating temperature in homes and offices, while temperature controllers are designed for use in equipment such as ovens and refrigerators. Also, consider the specific application of the device before purchasing it.


Temperature control equipment comes at different prices. Before buying the device, determine your budget and then find a device that falls within your budget. However, remember that more advanced devices will cost more than basic devices.

Where to buy Temperature Control Equipment

Temperature control equipment can be found in most appliance and electronics stores, but the best place to buy these devices is online. Shopping online gives you access to a wider selection of equipment, can save you time, and can be less expensive. Online shopping also allows you to compare different products and read reviews from other buyers, making it easier to find the right device for your needs.


Temperature regulation is an essential aspect of maintaining a comfortable living environment. Understanding the different types of temperature control equipment and their features can help you decide on the best device for your needs. Consider the type of device, accuracy, user-friendliness, and price before purchasing temperature control equipment. Remember that online shopping can be the best option for buying temperature control equipment because it provides more access to a wider selection, reviews, and competitive pricing.

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