Semikron is a leading manufacturer of power modules and systems. Their products are used in power supplies, renewable energies like wind and solar power, and electric vehicles. Their primary focus is the medium output range and helps their customers develop smaller, energy-efficient power systems. In heavy-duty environments like agriculture, power supplies are exposed to harsh weather conditions. This is where they step in and offer lightweight, compact, and shock-resistant solutions to help navigate these circumstances easily.

Top SEMIKRON Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to SEMIKRON Includes Microsemi, Littelfuse, Vishay, Diotec, IXYS, SanRex, Microchip, Panjit Semiconductor, NXP, Semtech among many others.



Popular Brand

Microsemi provides semiconductors and other electronic components for a variety of applications such as communication, security, and business. As technology...



Popular Brand

Littelfuse is a world-class technology-producing enterprise that serves Thyristors, ESD suppressors, semiconductors, protection relays, sensors, etc. It was established in...



Popular Brand

Vishay is a manufacturer of electronic components. The company focuses on the quality of its products and calls them "The...



Best Brand

Based in Heitersheim, Germany, Diotec is a professional supplier of semiconductor components essential for modern electronic devices. The company has...



Best Brand

IXYS Corporation manufactures power semiconductors, integrated circuits, and RF systems that are meant to work efficiently by consuming less energy...



Best Brand

SanRex is an old company with 80+ years of experience but a new-age vision. The brand is dedicated to providing...



Best Brand

Successful businesses understand the importance of an intelligent supplier relationship in delivering innovative items to their markets on time. Microchip...


Panjit Semiconductor

Best Brand

Panjit is a highly successful, trusted, and reliable electronics brand that specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling devices such as...



NXP is a semiconductor manufacturer founded in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The company was part of leading electronics giant Philips and spun...



Frontier Semiconductor Technology is a leading and trusted and renowned manufacturer of semiconductor techniques and equipment. They are based in...


ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor is an American semiconductor provider situated in Phoenix, Arizona. The organization is driving development in energy-proficient gadgets, engaging...



Semiconductors have been revolutionary for humans by filling the world with electronic appliances that make our lives easier. Infineon provides...



Electronic devices have become a necessity, and every machine requires a critical component or a sensor. Bourns provides such electronics...


Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has always strived to create a varied range of products of the highest quality in its entire term...


Analog Devices

Analog devices connect the digital and physical worlds by converting information into action and significantly improving people's lives. Their technologies...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is "SEMIKRON" a popular "Transistors" company?

SEMIKRON is ranked as the most famous Transistors company on our website. Around 12K shoppers research about the company on the web within a month.

Which are different website similar to

Different websites identical to to buy Igbt Transistors products are,,, and

Are Panjit Semiconductor and Semtech alternative to brands like "SEMIKRON"?

Mostly yes! SEMIKRON is similar to Panjit Semiconductor and Semtech. All are known Igbt Transistors brands.

What are some comparable companies like "SEMIKRON"?

Some major comparable brands to "SEMIKRON" are "Diotec, Panjit Semiconductor, Semtech, Infineon and Mitsubishi Electric in not any particular order.

Where is SEMIKRON from? How strong the company is?

The SEMIKRON is Nürnberg, Germany based brand founded in 1951. The 71 old Semiconductors firm has roughtly 1000 to 5000 staff as of today working with them.