ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor is an American semiconductor provider situated in Phoenix, Arizona. The organization is driving development in energy-proficient gadgets, engaging plan designers to lessen worldwide energy use. The organization offers a far-reaching arrangement of energy-effective power and sign administration, rationale, and discrete and custom answers to assist clients with tackling their one-of-a-kind plan difficulties in auto, correspondences, figuring, purchaser, modern, LED lighting, clinical, military/aviation, and power supply applications.

Top ON Semiconductor Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to ON Semiconductor Includes Semtech, Pololu, Microchip, Drok, Bourns, TRACOPOWER, Vishay, SEMIKRON, Microsemi, SGS among many others.



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Frontier Semiconductor Technology is a leading and trusted and renowned manufacturer of semiconductor techniques and equipment. They are based in...



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Pololu is an electronics company that serves everyone in the engineering industry, from students to professionals. They aim to provide...



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Successful businesses understand the importance of an intelligent supplier relationship in delivering innovative items to their markets on time. Microchip...



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Drok is a company that specializes in providing DC power supply solutions to customers on a global level through its...



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Electronic devices have become a necessity, and every machine requires a critical component or a sensor. Bourns provides such electronics...



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The Traco Power Group was established in 1944 by Mr. Hans Caspar. The primary organization was Traco Trading Company Limited....



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Vishay is a manufacturer of electronic components. The company focuses on the quality of its products and calls them "The...



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Semikron is a leading manufacturer of power modules and systems. Their products are used in power supplies, renewable energies like...



Microsemi provides semiconductors and other electronic components for a variety of applications such as communication, security, and business. As technology...



SGS engineering is a tools and equipment manufacturing company making products like Gas Struts and Air Compressors. They also sell...



Based in Heitersheim, Germany, Diotec is a professional supplier of semiconductor components essential for modern electronic devices. The company has...



Torex is an analog CMOS professional group with a focus on power ICs that was established in 1995. The business...


XP Power

Technology has supported the railway and health system with great efforts. Even the industrial sector depends mainly on technology. XP...


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Analog devices connect the digital and physical worlds by converting information into action and significantly improving people's lives. Their technologies...



Powers is a brand of power tools and accessories such as power fasteners and mechanical anchoring items. These products are...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is "ON Semiconductor" a popular "Zener-Dioden" company?

ON Semiconductor is published as the best Zener-Dioden company on our website. It is estimated that 40K buyers research about them online monthly.

What is the median cost for ordering "ON Semiconductor" brand items?

"ON Semiconductor" is categorized in "Voltage Regulators", which has mean costing of $32, with $9 to $199 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also published in "Voltage Regulator 12V", which has mean pricing of $19, with $5 to $35 price range.

Between "ON Semiconductor", "TRACOPOWER" and "Vishay" Which one is the well sought after "Zener-Dioden" brand?

ON Semiconductor is very well known among mentioned brands mainly due to its overall web popularity online. ON Semiconductor also published on close to 5 similar brand categories here on this website.

Which are different sites alternative to onsemi.com?

Several websites related to onsemi.com to buy Voltage Regulators products are vicorpower.com, murata.com, analog.com, xppower.com and maximintegrated.com

Why is 'ON Semiconductor' very popular compared to identical brands like Microchip, Vishay and SEMIKRON?

Since 'ON Semiconductor' is the highly sought after product manufacturer on Google between all the mentioned companies. Over and above that, it is ranked among approximately 5 similar lists such as Voltage Regulators, Voltage Regulator 12V and 12V Regulator here on our website.

Are Microchip and Microsemi comparable to companies like "ON Semiconductor"?

Definitely! ON Semiconductor is identical to Microchip and Microsemi. These are leading Voltage Regulators brands.