Top 30 Power Ranger Brands in 2024

The most popular brands for Power Ranger Includes Hasbro, Funko, McDonald's, Action, Power Rangers, Thunder Power, The Loyal Subjects, Loot Crate, Super7, Jada Toys among many others.



Popular Brand

Hasbro is a company that is dedicated to making the world much more fun for children, families, and fans. Its experience in the play and entertainment industry allows it to provide the products of its choice to audiences worldwide. Its catalog comprises over 1500 brands, each of them being a toy or entertainment brand. Moreover, it also specializes in content acquisition, development, production, and distribution.



Popular Brand

Funko Games is a place where board games are made. Perfect for every occasion, this is where you can find the match of your choice. Monopoly is not the only board game in existence. This company excels at managing exciting board games that can help you spend time with your friends and family in a grand manner. Funko Games have been in the business of making games for over 20 years. The new designs and concepts bring a lot of fun to the table.



Popular Brand

McDonald's India is the company's largest South Asian market, providing a fantastic selection of burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and salads, as well as a wide choice of McCafe drinks. From their humble beginnings as a restaurant in Connaught Place, Delhi, they have grown to over 320 outlets in 45 cities across India. They're glad to report that the most okay days are yet ahead of them as they continue to deliver smiles to people worldwide via exceptional cuisine and experiences.



Best Brand

Action is about the movement of life and the dynamic quality that life encapsulates. All kinds of lifestyle items can be found at the store. You can find doormats to shirts on their website. The varied range of products can seem to be a mess, but life is all about engaging in the chaos and sorting it out. The products they sell help you organize your home how you want it to be. Get your paint set or your nacho chips at Action. Live life the way you want!


Power Rangers

Best Brand

Thunder Power

Best Brand

Batteries are the heart of electrical machines. They can’t work without them. They are required for the smooth working of the products. Thunderer is a well-known brand for batteries. They have many different types of batteries for other instruments. Several sizes and many models are available in all their products. All the necessary information about the products is available on their website for customers. Customer can select their desired range after filtering on the website.


The Loyal Subjects

Best Brand

The Loyal Subjects is a collectable toy company that expands and promotes storytelling, community culture, and fun interactions. The Loyal Subjects has partnered with all the premium brands in this arena, including Action Vinyls, Superama, and BTS AXN. Apart from this, it also produces exclusively designed products for anime lovers of Otaku and Kawaii. It has products for nearly every genre, including pop culture, battle champs, and horror lovers.


Loot Crate

Best Brand

Gaming, entertainment, and sports are vast fields to know about and have much scope of investment and profit. Loot Crate...



Super7 is a haven for nerds. They specialize in selling unique and old-school products related to games and pop culture....


Jada Toys

Jada Toys is a global toy company dedicated to developing safe, inventive, and more fantastic toys that inspire children. Jada...



Your eyewear defines who you are; your innovative features are the facial centric feature that determines your persona; you need...



Mattel is a toy company that is a global leader in the toys and entertainment industry. Its portfolio includes famous...


Toys "R" Us

The top retailer of toys and baby items in the world is Toys"R"Us. Through its family of brands, the firm...


Mega Bloks


Just Play


Burger King

Burger King Corporation (BKC) is an American fast-food restaurant corporation. The corporation has roughly 15,000 sites worldwide and serves approximately...


Playmates Toys

Playmates Toys is the leading specialized toy and entertainment business, creating, manufacturing, and marketing an original, branded portfolio of toys,...


MGA Entertainment

MGA Entertainment is a leading leader in producing creative goods that amuse and inspire today's customers. Their brand delight and...



A modest toy business called Toybiz was founded in 1994. But in just two years, it expanded to rank among...



Animes and mangas have made a strong impression with the audience worldwide, irrespective of the age, the characters grew on...



Jazwares, Inc. is a toy company that creates, manufactures, sells, and licenses a wide variety of toys and accessories for...



Three zero produces figure style toy ranges with the collection of Marvel studios, transformers, the game of thrones, and more....



Phatmojo is a company that aims at delivering what the world wants by the virtue of ‘Community communication’. It invites...



NERF is a popular brand of toys created by Parker Brothers and currently owned by Hasbro. Invented in 1969, the...


JAKKS Pacific

JAKKS Pacific is the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of licensed plush, action figures, and collectibles, as well as the...



With their durability and great colors, Banazi was an icon in the ’70s for its skateboards. Later it was turned...


21st Century Toys


Parker Brothers



RPM R/C Products is the go-to place for the roughest. RPM R/C produces the most durable and most pleasing radio-controlled...



Activision is an electronic website that provides digital interactive enjoyment. It is a website that showcases well-known games that significantly...

Power Rangers Buying Guide

Power Rangers have been an iconic toy franchise since the 1990s. With a continuous stream of new versions of the nostalgic characters, there's always something for fans to get excited about. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which Power Ranger toy is best for you or your child. This buying guide will provide tips to help you make an informed decision when selecting a Power Ranger toy.

Consider the Age Range of the Toy

When buying a Power Ranger toy, it's essential to consider the age range for which it's appropriate. Some toys may have small pieces that are not suitable for younger children, while others may be too simplistic for older children. Before making a purchase, ensure that you pay attention to the product's recommended age range.

Choose Appropriate Toys for Your Child's Skill Level

Power Ranger toys come in various skill levels, too, so it's crucial to select a toy that aligns with your child's capabilities. For instance, some toys may feature more complex transformations, whereas others may be as simple as a figurine. If your child is just starting to explore Power Rangers, it's best to start with a simpler toy to prevent frustration or damage to the toy.

Look for Interactive Elements

The best Power Ranger toys to play with should have some interactive components that will allow for imaginative, active play. For instance, a toy that features a weapon that lights up or makes sound effects can make playtime more engaging and fun. Similarly, toys that have multiple points of articulation are more versatile and allow children to experiment with different poses and settings.

Choose Your Ranger

Power Ranger toys vary depending on the character they represent. If you or your child has a favorite Power Ranger character, it's best to purchase a toy that corresponds to that character. Some of the most popular characters include the Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger.

Red Ranger

The Red Ranger is one of the most iconic Power Rangers. The Red Ranger's strength and leadership qualities make him an essential member of the team. If you want to purchase a toy that represents the Red Ranger, consider looking for toys that feature the character's signature red and gold suit.

Blue Ranger

The Blue Ranger is known for his intelligence and technical expertise. This Ranger's signature color is blue, and his suit usually features metallic elements like silver and gold. If your child is interested in science, engineering, or technology, a Blue Ranger toy would be a great fit.

Green Ranger

The Green Ranger is one of the lesser-known but still popular Power Rangers. The Green Ranger's suit is mainly green and white, with gold and silver accents. This Ranger is also notable for being one of the few Rangers with a unique weapon, the Dragon Dagger.

Consider the Type of Power Ranger Toy You Want

Power Ranger toys come in various types, from action figures to costumes. Depending on what your child likes, you could choose a toy that encourages imaginative play or one that teaches new skills.

Action Figures

Power Ranger action figures are among the most popular toy types. These figures are usually about six inches tall and have several points of articulation. Action figures usually come with weapons or accessories that your child can use to fight imaginary battles.


Morphers are tools used by the Power Rangers to morph into their superhero outfits. These toys allow children to participate in imaginative play and have some interactive elements to make playtime more engaging. For instance, some Morphers light up, make sound effects or trigger transformation sequences.


Zords are animal-shaped machines that the Power Rangers use for transportation and battle. Zords are popular Power Ranger toys and come in various shapes and sizes. Some Zords can be combined to create larger Zords, making them even more exciting for kids to play with.

Rangers' Costumes

If you want to take playtime to the next level, consider purchasing a Power Ranger-themed costume for your child. Dressing up as their favorite Ranger can allow your child to immerse themselves in imaginative play and feel like they're part of the Ranger team. Power Ranger costumes come in various sizes and usually include a suit, mask, and accessories to correspond with the character.

Consider the Brand and Quality

The Power Rangers franchise has been around since the 1990s, so it's no surprise that there are many Power Ranger toys on the market. However, not all toys are created equal, so it's crucial to do some research into the brand and quality of the product before making a purchase.

Some reputable toy brands that produce high-quality Power Ranger toys include Bandai, Hasbro, and Mattel. Additionally, you can read online reviews from other parents to see how well the toy has held up over time and how much enjoyment their child has gotten out of it.

Consider Your Budget

Finally, it's essential to consider your budget when purchasing a Power Ranger toy. While some toys may be more expensive than others, keep in mind that a toy's cost doesn't necessarily equate to its quality or play value. You can find plenty of high-quality Power Ranger toys that are affordable and offer excellent value for their price. Set a budget and focus on finding toys that check all the above boxes without exceeding your budget.


Power Ranger toys are an excellent choice for kids who love superheroes, imaginative play, or action-packed adventures. When selecting a Power Ranger toy, it's essential to consider the age range, sturdiness, and interactive features.

Additionally, be sure to choose a toy that corresponds to your child's favorite Power Ranger character and pick a toy type that will engage your child's imagination and creativity. Consider reputable brands and quality, and remember that you don't have to break the bank to find a toy your child will love.

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